State Champs dropped their EP ‘State Champs Unplugged’ and we’re electric

State Champs dropped their EP ‘State Champs Unplugged’ and we’re electric

Homeboys State Champs have just saved 2020 with their latest EP ‘State Champs Unplugged.’ We’re here to let you know that it’s got everything that you know and love about the band plus so much more! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the vibes.

state champs
Us while listening to State Champs’ latest EP

The last time State Champs blessed us with new music was way back in 2018 before the world went to shit. Their album ‘Living Proof’ was a culmination of their career to date, earning them a number 2 spot on the US Indie Chart. Now, they’ve taken everything we loved about that album, switched up the pace, and unplugged themselves.

The result? A record that is quietly confident in its brilliance.

It’s no secret that Derek DiScanio (Vocals), Tyler Szalkowski (Guitar), Ryan Scott Graham (Bass), and Evan Ambrosio (Drums) all have unique tastes in music. So it’s no surprise that this led to an EP that doesn’t constrain itself to traditional acoustic punk.

The Unplugged EP is special for us for many reasons, one main reason being the writing process. We feel like we really went back to our roots, you know, just the band, in a room with an acoustic guitar, writing songs and having fun.

Derek DiScanio

This is a sentiment that shines through each track. While this EP might not be your stereotypical State Champs, it’s not lacking in their punk spirit. One of our favorite things about this band is their attitude towards doing new things. So if this EP is anything to go by, we can’t wait to hear their next full-length album!

What is your favorite song off of the EP so far? Let us know on twitter @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.


Featured Image Source Beth Saravo courtesy of State Champs

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