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Wonho Shares A Beautiful Message In ‘Losing You’

Wonho Shares A Beautiful Message In ‘Losing You’

When news of Wonho’s departure from Monsta X broke back in October 2019, it set off a wave of unprecedented fan support. Fans of Wonho joined together, trending hashtags that went on for months, raising funds to put up billboards in support of the singer in cities such as New York City, signing petitions, and writing supportive notes that they taped to the side of the Starship Entertainment building located in Seoul. They wanted Wonho to know that he was loved unconditionally, and those messages were heard. 

Now, nearly 10-months later, Wonho is back and will be debuting as a solo artist come September 4th, with his first mini-album, Love Synonym (#1) – Right for Me. Ahead of the album’s release, Wonho has dropped a track titled ‘Losing You’, which premiered on YouTube on August 14th at midnight. The song is a beautiful ballad, with Wonho’s sweet falsetto conveying a deep message.

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Wonho described the song as being “…about the connection between people, and the selflessness of loving someone so much that you’ll become one with them and they become even more important to you than yourself.” In ‘Losing You,’ the someone that Wonho is singing about is actually someones; his fans, now known as ‘Wenee,’ which means “we are new ending.” ‘Losing You’ is a gift back to the fans who stood by Wonho’s side and shows the incredible bond that has formed between them. 

Image Source: Highline Entertainment

Wonho’s solo debut is highly-anticipated. His return to the music scene marks the start of a new journey for the singer who has always been known for his musical talent and kind heart. The events that unfolded back in October could have resulted in a very different outcome, but with the combination of love from fans and the strength that Wonho has exhibited, a new chapter is being written, and we cannot wait to see how Wonho’s story continues to unfold as he tells it. 

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Featured Image Source: Highline Entertainment

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