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3 YouTubers You Should Stan

3 YouTubers You Should Stan

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With a lot of YouTubers getting into drama and not being a great influence, it’s time we take a look at some that are good influences. These are just three of the YouTubers that inspire us and why we stan them! Here is why you should stan them too!

Devyn Lundy

Via: Devyn Lundy YouTube

Devyn Lundy is a YouTuber as well as a makeup artist. A lot of her videos are fun vlogs and even some challenges. She has 126k subscribers on YouTube, along with 450k on Instagram, and 258k on Twitter. She is one of the nicest people ever and is always acknowledging her fans. A lot of her videos are with Xepher Wolf who is also a huge inspiration of ours.

Before moving in with Xepher Wolf, she lived with other popular YouTubers. Sam & Colby, Jake Webber, Elton Castee, and Aaron Doh in the house referred to as “The TrapHouse”. Her YouTube success came quickly with the loyal fan base, receiving over 200k views on just her fourth video ever (208k on her style swap w/ Xepher). We have been stanning her since the beginning, and you should also start to stan her.

Sam Golbach

THE STRANGER RITUAL (3am Challenge) GIF | Gfycat

Sam is well-known, he is half of Sam & Colby. His content is mainly scary videos. The 3 AM challenge series is his well known on his solo channel. He is always putting so much heart into his content and puts himself through so much, yet the fans always seem to appreciate Colby more which isn’t fair at all. Sam’s channel has 2.07 million subscribers.

Sam haunted his entire house from doing these challenges. He has always said how he knows there is more out there in the paranormal realm. That is something we believe in a lot also it is a strange kind of relief knowing there is more to life after our time is up. Sam is here to prove it, which we think he already has especially since he and his friends visited the Queen Mary ship. After visiting the ship, his paranormal experiences picked up. The Queen Mary video has grossed over 12 million views.

Queen Mary Overnight.

Corbin Reinhardt

Ultimate Athletes: Meet The Kid | Season 1 | ULTIMATE TAG - YouTube
Via: Ultimate Tag YouTube

Corbin is involved in quite a bit. He has been with TFIL on YouTube as well as “Ultimate Tag” a parkour show on FOX. On the show, he is known as “The Kid”. He has done mostly parkour videos on his channel, but they are super fun to watch. He has amassed 92k subscribers on YouTube and has already had a video reach two million views.

A video that reached two million views,

In 2018, he suffered a very serious injury while doing parkour. He went to land a jump, slipped, and managed to do a back flip, but he hit his head on a brick wall. He was knocked out for several minutes. He was diagnosed with a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage. Corbin made a full recovery and went right back to what he loves doing!

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Closing Remarks

Hopefully, you found some good reasons to stan these young YouTubers. With a lot of negativity in the YouTube community from places like The Hype House, it is nice knowing that there are still good people in the community. If you would like to find out more great people that you should stan, make sure to stay tuned to The Honey POP! Or let us know about YouTubers you stan by tweeting us @thehoneypop or on Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Sam Golbach YouTube

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