Wheatus Brings Us More Angsty Gold

Wheatus Brings Us More Angsty Gold

Now, if you don’t know, Wheatus is an American rock band formed in good old 1995. They hail from Northport, New York. Mainly known for their early 2000s hit, the original ‘Teenage Dirtbag‘ the band is still kicking, bringing us a new song ‘Mope’. Currently, the band’s line up is looking a little something like this:

  • Brendan B. Brown – lead vocals, guitars
  • Matthew Milligan – bass, electric upright bass 
  • Karlie Bruce – backing vocals
  • Gabrielle Aimée Sterbenz – backing vocals
  • Leo Freire – drums
  • Joey Slater – backing vocals
  • Brandon Ticer – keyboards

Everyone listed has joined somewhere in the early to mid-2000s. The only original member being the founder BBB or Brendan B. Brown. They’re currently working on a 6th album.

So if you want some limited time merch you better go get your hands on it ASAP. Let’s face it we’re all ‘Teenage Dirtbags‘ for life. Why not celebrate with a new tune reminiscent of the original. That way we can say we’re keeping up with the times when truly we only wish it was the early 2000s all over again.

Here’s ‘Mope’ by Wheatus:

If there is one thing we can agree on, it’s that no one can really achieve or goes for this sound anymore. We’re thankful for this little lost love coming back to the light and being released for our souls to indulge in. Simpler times and a lot of good fun. The music video looks like a splicing of old recorded footage of bandmates. The nostalgia is overwhelming. Put on that angsty persona you know you’ve never really discarded. It is time to vibe again.

via ‘Mope’ Wheatus YouTube Comments

Did you love that shot of endorphins? Have a favorite song by Wheatus? Maybe we should build a throwback list of the greats? Let us know your favs and some memories in the comments down below or tweet us @thehoneypop. Facebook and Instagram are always options too.


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Featured Image Courtesy of Wheatus via Instagram

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Violet's Vegan Comics

The whole album is great 😀


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