Disney Confirms First Ever Bisexual Lead Character!

Yes, you heard us right! The Disney Channel is finally embracing the 21st century by including a bisexual character as the protagonist in one of their TV shows.

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The Owl House follows 14-year-old Luz Noceda on her adventure to become a witch and battle the forces of evil. (Spoilers!) In a recent episode, Luz joins up with talented young witch Amity Blight to perform an enchanted dance and take down a demon. The pair then share a cute exchange about who they wanted to take to Prom and the audience discover Amity had written a note asking Luz to go with her.

Grom queens Lumity ✨

However, Luz is not Disney’s first LGBTQIA+ lead. In May, Pixar premiered short film Out which follows a gay man called Greg as he desperately tries to hide his relationship from his parents. While body-swapped with his dog. If you haven’t seen it yet you can catch it on Disney+ (make sure you have tissues though, for real).

But as heartwarming and relatable as Greg’s story is it’s still a coming-out narrative. While these are important in their own right it is so refreshing to see LGBTQIA+ relationships portrayed casually in The Owl House. You know, the same way heterosexual relationships are. It’s a reminder for creators that conflict can just as easily come from a character’s fear of their crush not liking them back as fear of being rejected because of their sexuality.

This is thanks to the show’s creator Dana Terrace who was clear from the start that she wanted to include an openly bisexual character. She really had to push for this representation and we are so glad she did. Fans of the show took to social media to express their appreciation and to share their own experiences of growing up without representation and why it makes such an important difference. Not to mention all their gorgeous fanart.

Of course, where there is progress there are haters. But luckily their numbers are small and they’ve been drowned out by supporters just shaking it off. Or, in the words of Ms. Terrace:

The Owl House airs every Saturday at 8:45 pm ET (that’s 5:45 pm PT or 1:45 am BST Sunday morning) on the Disney Channel. There’s no news yet about a Disney+ release. But with a second season already being confirmed, we’re hoping for some good news soon! In the meantime, you can keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of Disney here

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