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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan G-Dragon!

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan G-Dragon!

G-Dragon, otherwise known as Kwon Jiyong, owns our hearts and is well-known as the King of KPOP for a variety of reasons. And we can’t get enough of how extremely diverse and talented he is. If you have been sleeping on him, now is the time to wake up and take notice and find out what you have been missing out on!

Trust us, you will not be disappointed!

1.His Singer- Songwriter Capabilities Are Mind-Blowing!

As part of the incredible BIGBANG, G-Dragon is considered ahead of his time and considered a genius singer-songwriter. In a time within the industry where a lot of KPOP acts were still manufactured, he has led the way with his music and self-production for the group. Inspiring many other acts and musicians that follow to also do the same, including the likes of Got7s BamBam, Seventeen’s S Coups, BTS’s Jungkook, Victon’s Seungwoo, and Grimes. With the latter saying KPOP but G-Dragon, in particular, inspired her “musical style more visually than anything else.”

His music has been quoted and considered in many ways to help shape the genre, with the likes of ‘One Of A Kind’ being listed by Kim Bong-Hyun as one of the 28 tracks to do so in his book. To date, he has written and produced over 150 songs!

In 2008 he was listed as the youngest in the Top Ten Greatest Korean Composers — no easy feat — and has racked up considerable achievements over the course of his career; accumulating over 23 #1 hits, 54 solo awards, and 137 with his group BIGBANG, to date!

2. He Is An Incredible Fashion Designer & Style Icon!

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It isn’t every day you get someone that just has it all, and the singer/rapper doesn’t just excel in music. He is a true artist, including having an impressive fashion resume.

In 2013 G-Dragon collaborated with Ambush in a special apparel and accessory launch. The collection highlighted his signature crest and was very popular. This was followed by a 2014 jewelry launch, with Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, the collection was designed by himself. In 2016, he then joined forces with the brand 8 Seconds, this was when he launched his first fashion street collection. The designs were genderless and proved to be an innovative and much well-received move.

Later that year, peaceminusone was launched with his personal stylist Gee Eun as an online store. Eventually, the line had actual stores open in London and Seoul. What is really awesome is the fact that his brand later collaborated with Ambush, the brand he initially made fashion moves with! 

You have probably even witnessed some of your faves sporting his designs, including the likes of Jungkook of BTS, Irene of Red Velvet, Jisoo of Blackpink, and Michael Clifford of 5SOS!

Not just a designer, he has also been a muse for some huge industry names, including Givenchy and Chanel, the first Asian muse for the brands. WOW, how amazing is that, right?!

So, He’s An Incredible Musician, Designer … And An Artist Too…

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In 2015 G-Dragon opened an art exhibition called peaceminusone: Beyond the Stage, the collection presented 200 works from 12 domestic and international artists. The creative combined modern art and pop culture and the goal was to bring domestic art forward to an audience who may have not explored art before or found the art world intimidating. 

This move brought art to the eyes of people who may not have otherwise delved into the world and proves his selflessness in using his platform to uplift others. Feeling soft yet? Because, same!

You can also find his creations and expressive paintings and art on his Instagram!

He Is A True Giving Soul!


G-Dragon generosity has had no bounds, he has supported and donated to many charities and organizations over the years. At the end of the 2013 world tour, a booth was erected where fans were encouraged to donate and support Haiti to help build a fishery. As a collaboration with YG Entertainment for their With campaign, he also helped build a school in Nepal!

He also reportedly donates ₩81.8 million, which is roughly $80,000 on his birthday every year to charities in need of assistance.

This isn’t all, he has helped SO many other causes, and his efforts to help others are inspirational, as fans have joined him in these efforts and donated with him.

Fan Interactions

G-Dragon has a strong and wonderful connection with his fans, whether he has encountered them on tour with BIGBANG, or when he is by himself. Here are some fan interactions that really have us in our feels, and we hope you agree!

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So, it’s safe to say we could go on because there is still SO much more to G-Dragon and his capabilities. But keep your eyes peeled on The Honey POP, and who knows you may see some more stanning and admiration for G-Dragon & BIGBANG soon!

Did you agree with our reasons? Is there any more you want to share with us? Let us know by commenting below, or by sending us a tweet to @TheHoneyPOP we always love to hear from you!


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