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Earth To Ned Reaches For The Stars

Earth To Ned Reaches For The Stars

Take late-night talk shows, throw in some humor, and of course an alien. What do you get? A brand new talk show called Earth To Ned. It seems that a little alien got a lot curious about our stars. Watch as Ned and Cornelius face off with some big names in the pop culture circuit. From Bindi and Robert Irwin to NeNe Leakes, Joel McHale, Andy Richter, and even RuPaul. The cast is fully loaded and ready to go. Are you?

On September 4th, you can expect 10, brilliant and shiny new episodes packed full with laughs and more. Watch as Ned desperately tries to hide his new show from his homeworld and father, the Admiral of the Galactic Fleet, while he explores his newfound love of humans and their greatest resource… celebrities!

Just What Are We Getting Into?

The Jim Henson Company is responsible for previous hits such as The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth (yes, with David Bowie in all his glory), and Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. If you have seen any of those classics, you know their puppetry is spot on and well crafted. Plus, the humor will be out of this world (we think we’re funny).

Also in collaboration is the Marwar Junction Productions, who are known for some hits too (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge and more adult A&E titles). They’ve dipped their toes in the water more than enough times to bring a truly outstanding collaboration on Earth To Ned.

We are beyond psyched at the prospects of this new talk show. Which guest are you most excited for? Have you seen any of the creators’ past movies? If so, does it increase your excitement? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @thehoneypop!

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