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Focusing on your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Focusing on your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Your Mental Health

Our mental health can be easy to forget during this pandemic. We must take care of ourselves and try to stay active and preoccupied as much as we can. That being said, The Honey POP has got you covered with great self-care ideas to help boost your energy. Let’s ditch our couch and beds, and let’s get moving with these awesome tips that can help you feel good, happy, and mentally and physically healthy!

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First, let’s discuss journaling. Not only is it fun, but it can help better your writing skills and helps express your feelings. We’ve heard that you can even burn some journals after you’re done with them? Our favorite journal at the moment is the “Self Care Journal”, which you can find at Target for just $12.99. Of course, you can always find lower-cost journals in places such as Amazon!

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Did you know completing a yoga session can help you mentally and physically? Yoga allows you to work on your breathing exercises. It helps you clear away your mind from all negative thoughts, allowing you to focus on your body’s needs. You burn some calories, and you stay fit! Here is a helpful Youtube video for classes for beginners, intermediate, or advanced! To make it more fun, try creating a Zoom yoga meeting and invite your friends to join in!


In addition to trying yoga, how about doing some meditating? We highly recommend you check out the kindest soul on the planet, Jagwar Twin! Similarly, meditation also has the same effects from yoga, and Jagwar Twin does weekly meetings via Zoom. He allows his friends and fans to meditate with him and his special guests. From our personal experience at THP, it was the best session ever! If you stay long enough after the meditation session, you get to interact with Jagwar Twin, and talk about life! 

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Completing a puzzle can help keep us preoccupied, and it also exercises our minds! It can be entertaining and challenging, but in the end, it’s rewarding once you finish it and see the entire puzzle completed! We have completed many puzzles, and our favorite puzzles at the moment are Disney themed. This on is our latest obsession.

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Skin Care

Lastly, we have skincare. The first thing to do in the morning is to wash your face to help you wake up and feel refreshed. Our favorite face wash at the moment is the Clean & Clear Watermelon Juicy Scrub, which you can find at Target for just $5.99! The product smells super yummy, and we are totally in love with it. The next product we recommend for healthy skin is a great moisturizer/sunscreen. The Too Faced Hangover Good to Go Skin Protecting SPF Moisturizer retails at $34.00, but you can find a lower cost SPF moisturizer at any drugstore!

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You Matter

It’s important not to lose track of your mental health, and we should try to do what we can to keep ourselves busy. Whether it’s writing in a journal, buying a hydrating face wash, or joining Jagwar Twin for weekly meditation, stay relaxed and keep your mind busy! Above all, remember you matter, and we adore you. We, at Honey Pop, care about you.

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Were these tips useful? What other forms of self-care do you practice? Tweet us at @thehoneypop and let us know what you will be trying to help boost your physical and mental health!

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