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Our World is No Longer ‘cloudy’ Thanks To joan’s New EP

Our World is No Longer ‘cloudy’ Thanks To joan’s New EP


joan has been blessing their fans in the last few weeks with a new EP and virtual release show. Last week, they also dropped a new video, we are eating well this month!

On August 6th, joan dropped their second EP, cloudy, and saying we are in love is an understatement The songs give us throwback vibes, relatable lyrics, and straight bops. The overall vibes are immaculate, to say the least.

Consisting of six tracks, ‘want you back,’ ‘magnetic,’ ‘love me better,’ ‘brokenhearted,’ ‘try again,’ and ‘cover girl’, cloudy shows joan’s growth as artists over the past few years. Honestly leaves you wanting more, as in, we’re dying for an album from the duo.

The album release was kicked off by a virtual release show (because you know Coronavirus). Although in our living room instead of in front of a stage, joan brought all the same energy and great live music we love them for!

Joined by best friends, Jake on the guitar and Carson on the bass, joan rocked out for almost 40 minutes with amazing camera angles and a complete light show in the background, a nice taste of normal until we get our live shows back.

The virtually ticketed show consisted of the full cloudy EP, of course, and a few of their other fan favorites! Check out the full tracklist below!

‘one more touch’
‘want you back’
‘love me better’
‘try again’
‘love somebody like you’
‘take me on (chilled)
‘cover girl’
‘i loved you first’

And a great thing about a virtual show, means fans get to rewatch the program over and over again! A great purchase in our opinion!

As if the virtual show wasn’t enough, the duo dropped a music video for ‘cover girl’ the week after, and it is the cheesiest, most adorable, yet simple music video. Just watch it for yourself.

Relationship goals and the rotating camera work put a cute little “spin” on things! The scenery was perfect. The bright blue sky, luscious green grass, and the little picnic set-up, we’re in love.

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We can’t wait to see what else joan has in store in the future and can not wait till we can see them live in concert touring this new EP!

Did you get to watch the virtual show? What’s your favorite cloudy music video? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop!


Featured Photo: Courtesy of joan via Instagram

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