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5 Reasons Why We Think Halsey is ‘Driving’ Back Into Badlands

5 Reasons Why We Think Halsey is ‘Driving’ Back Into Badlands

Halsey is back. Let this serve as a warning. It’s been nearly five years since we left ‘The Badlands’ and entered ‘The Kingdom’. When we left, no one expected this. We grew up oblivious, and one day the evil realities of a ‘Drive’ music video happening, hit us square between the eyes. We’re no longer captive but here are five reasons why we think we’re going back! 

Miss Halsey’s Instagram Part One

As long time fans of Halsey, we all know she has a soft spot for teasing us with hidden clues. So when she posted a series of seemingly nondescript road trip photos in Arizona, we leaped into action. Alongside being captioned with lyrics from ‘Drive’ we spotted several other clues! 

Some of our favs were the ‘Rider’ tarot deck (hello HFK we see you) along with midnight incense to burn while she drives through the night out of Badlands. Another big spoiler we saw was the soundtrack to the vintage film Bless The Beasts And Children. The plot follows a group of mentally ill boys at summer camp trying to save buffalo. So far, not that important right? Well, it turns out one boy leads the group to form a tight-knit unit who command respect and have pride in their uniqueness. Sounds pretty similar to her fanbase if you ask us. 

Miss Halsey’s Instagram Part Two 

If we had any doubt that we were onto a breadcrumb trail. Halsey’s 2nd batch of rAnDoM photos (this time in New Mexico 👀) have only cemented our suspicions. This post is full of, you guessed it, key-rings! It’s a theme that is continued from her Arizona post, the main difference being that this New Mexico installment has lyrics from ‘Castle’. 

She also features some ice cream. That’s gotta be random, we hear you cry. But in reality, we’re not so sure things are as random as they seem. Way back in 2016, Halsey wrote a song called ‘Wasting Time’. Now bear with us, we promise this ain’t a waste of your time! 

The entire song is a carefree bop. But, the main chorus lyric is ‘So let’s waste time, while we’re young We can drive till the morning sun comes up’. In the album’s trailer, Halsey’s monologue ends with the following quote:

If this were a movie, I’d ride off into some blood red sunset down a stretch of desert road into the wasteland that keeps us captive here. But this isn’t a movie. These are The Badlands.

Badlands Album Trailer

Spoiler alert folks! A music video is just a five-minute movie…

Badlands National Park 

Along with a huge number of Halsey fans, we think she might be on her way to Badlands National Park. Yes, that’s right, you heard us. Badlands is an actual place! There’s even a ‘Castle trailhead’. It’s located in South Dakota and judging by Halsey’s vacay route, we think we’ve found the trip’s final destination!

Visit Badlands Twitter

Any veteran Halsey stan will remember the ‘Visit Badlands’ account. Well, newsflash, she’s back and she’s thriving. This week, the account posted for the first time in four years…with the same tweet that we ‘left’ Badlands with. Aka, Halsey is still stuck there.

Now if that isn’t enough to make you lose your shit, there’s been another tweet. Oh, AND the account’s location has been changed to ‘an old ghost town’, which Ashley sings about on her album ‘Manic’.  

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You might have been a lucky recipient of a Badlands postcard back in the day. Well now, we’ve all received one from Halsey herself! It features writing in Japanese (hiya Ghost music video) and has the words ‘Send Help’ written on it. If we had any doubt that Halsey was still in The Badlands, then this is the concrete proof that we needed! 

Road Trip Buddies 

What’s a nostalgic road trip without a group of friends? Bonus points if you’re on the way to Badlands National Park with your best friend, security guard, and choreographer. The trio has been seen on Halsey’s insta along with her choreographer Dani, posting on her own Instagram story!

Here at The Honey Pop, we’re utterly convinced that Halsey never left The Badlands and that HFK was in her head. After all, “Hopeless isn’t a place, nothing but a state of mind”. But it’s not all bad news, we think that Ashley got out of The Badlands and is now on her way to rescue Halsey. 

We’re excited too!

Whatever happens, we’re so excited about the upcoming fifth anniversary of Halsey’s debut record ‘Badlands’. If you’re just as excited as us then let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source: Halsey/The Honey POP

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