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BTS Just Gave Us A Teaser For ‘Dynamite’ And We Are Ready For More

BTS Just Gave Us A Teaser For ‘Dynamite’ And We Are Ready For More

We are just a couple of days away from BTS dropping their new single, ‘Dynamite,’ and this morning, they gave us a little taste of what we can expect. The teaser for their new music video gave us 29-seconds of disco heaven. That’s right; BTS is sending us back to the 70s with their “upbeat disco vibe.” The song “exudes energy and freshness,”; The tune is already stuck in our heads (not that we’re complaining though!)

BTS are going retro with their song, dance, and their looks. We can’t get enough of V in his three-piece green suit, or Jimin rocking his Gucci ensemble. The internet hasn’t been able to stop talking about J-Hope’s look since the first concept photos released, and ‘Blue Joon’ was trending worldwide on Twitter when ARMY saw RM rocking the famous blue locks again. Of course, we get a shot of Suga and his beautiful smile, plus glorious shots of Jin and Jungkook. We can’t say that solely one boy is going to own this era; each of them is stunning, and this is only the teaser; imagine what is in store for us when we get the full music video this Friday!

But Wait, There’s More!

This isn’t all that BTS has in-store for ARMY. The boys will also be holding a comeback VLIVE the day of the release and will be releasing a second music video for the track on August 24th, 11 AM EST. They also have interviews set up with MTV Fresh Out Live and the Today Show, plus their performance on the MTV VMAs. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, be sure to check out their comeback schedule below!

Source: BigHit Entertainment via Twitter

We’ve been screaming about ‘Dynamite’ since the news dropped, and we know that come Friday (August 21st), we will be screaming even more! Check back with us for all things regarding the single and get ready; a new BTS era is about to begin!

Are you excited for ‘Dynamite’ to be released? What are your thoughts about the teaser? Let us know in the comments before or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image Source: BigHit Entertainment via Twitter

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