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Little Mix Is Turning 9 And We Are Emotional: Here’s 9 Of Their Most Career Defining Moments

Little Mix Is Turning 9 And We Are Emotional: Here’s 9 Of Their Most Career Defining Moments

It’s hard to believe that Little Mix has been blessing our souls for nine whole years. In a way, it feels like longer, but it also doesn’t seem like long enough to be stanning such fierce queens.

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Single after single, album after album, performance after performance, we are left in awe of their majestic beauty and raw, ethereal talent, and that, on top of their anniversary, encouraged us to look back on some of their most career-defining moments! We’ve compiled the top 9 into a list and wanted to share them with the rest of the Mixers. So, that’s enough chit chat, let’s get into it!

Winning The X-Factor

This, of course, was the ultimate beginning of their highly successful career. At this moment, the world would soon be taken over by one of the fiercest girl groups in history, and we’ve been stanning ever since!

The Release Of ‘Wings’ and DNA

‘Wings’ was the girls’ debut single, and it was nominated for an RDM award for Best Song To Dance To. It also reaches No.1 in the UK and Ireland. This single set them up for major success in the music industry and put them on everyone’s radar. It, of course, was the first track released off their debut album DNA, which still is on our heavy rotation playlist. The album charted in the top 5 in eight countries and charted at No.3 in the UK and No.4 in the US making the first girl group since 2006 to chart in the top 5 with a debut album! Ever since Little Mix has gone on to release four more albums and a new one in the works! 

The Girls Attending The TCA’s, Performing, And Winning

This was the year Little Mix performed ‘Black Magic,’ but this was also the year that they won their first TCA for Breakout Artist, which was their first-ever American award. It was a pivotal moment in their career, and put them on the US road to success, proving they have what it takes to play in the big leagues!

Their 2016 Performance At The BRIT’s

This was a huge career moment for the girls. The BRIT Awards is one of the most prestigious British awards shows there is, and the 2016 performance was Little Mix’s first time taking the stage at the BRIT’s. They slayed as usual, and we still love to watch this iconic performance on heavy rotation.

Jesy’s Documentary- Odd One Out

This documentary was beyond powerful and heart-wrenching. In the documentary, Jesy speaks o it against cyberbullies and the impact they have had on her mental health, her self-image, and her life. Odd One Out is not only important for Jesy but the fans as well. In the prominent age of social media, cyberbullying is worse than ever. There’s not a day that we can hop onto our accounts and not see some sort of hate, bullying, harassment, or shaming going on among the masses. This documentary is important to show people the effects their actions and words have on people, but it’s also important to show those who have been on the receiving end of bullying and hate that you can come out stronger. That they matter and they are beautiful just the way they are.

‘Secret Love Song Pt. II’

This song has become an anthem for LGBTQIA+ fans because of its powerful message. It’s poetry in the form of a song with heart, soul, and passion. Their performance of the track in Dubai specifically, gives us goosebumps and brings tears to our eyes because the gay community is outlawed. Their support of the LGBTQ+ community is no secret and with this performance, they are making more than a political statement, and we support them with our whole being.

The ‘Only You’ Music Video

Once again, we have representation for the LGBTQIA+ community as it shows the short-lived love story of two beautiful girls seemingly falling in love at a house party. They spend their time together enjoying each other and the party before they have to let each other go. Little Mix does not stay quiet when it comes to standing up for what they believe in. They are loud and proud and support all humans and human rights fearlessly. We are honored and proud to support such beautiful humans.

‘Strip’ And Its Music Video

This song is one hell of a self-empowerment and self-love anthem. It’s about stripping off the glitz and glam and loving who you truly are without fear of what others will say; learning to love yourself and all your imperfections because you are perfect the way you are. In our opinion, it’s one of the most powerful songs to ever exist, and the music video is equally as incredible. It features strong, powerful women of all body shapes and sizes dancing along to the music, showing off their bodies, and representing all the women. Whether you have big thighs, stretch marks, or other parts of your body you feel are not good enough, Little Mix reminds you that you are beautiful and perfect the way you are. It’s time to embrace it and be the greatest, most confident version of yourself.

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There you have it, Mixers! We hope that you enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane with us reflecting on the past nine years of Little Mix, and don’t forget to wish the girls a happy anniversary!

Which career moment is your favorite? Did it make our list? If not, what is your favorite Little Mix moment? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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