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Into It. Over It. Prefers Indoors, And So Do We.

Into It. Over It. Prefers Indoors, And So Do We.

Into It. Over It. presents new song ‘We Prefer Indoors’

The video for the single jumps into the daily schedule of Into It. Over It. as it follows a day in the life of Evan Thomas Weiss (vocals), Adam Beck (drums), Matthew Frank (bass), and Joe Shadid (guitar), one where they prepare for a gig like any other. Also in which, you can watch below:

Into It. Over It. – ‘We Prefer Indoors’

While the video itself might confuse you, Into It. Over It. is primarily a solo gig. The one man band is the creation of Evan Thomas Weiss. What’s more important? He’s delivering a new album, Figure, coming at us September 18th via Triple Crown Records. Reminding us that sometimes, we just have to walk away – Into It. Over It. teaches us a valuable life lesson with the new single. Leaving us wondering what other life lessons will be covered in the forthcoming album. Well, guess no more! Written around a short-lived-yet-lasting-longer-than-ever-necessary relationship, and hey man, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Although, we can only wish we were as proactive as IIOI, who wrote an album and practiced self-discovery. A rediscovery of self-confidence, exercising patience, and remembering to trust those gut feelings, Weiss got proactive and used life to create art. Damn good art.  

Into It. Over It. Creates Damn Good Art

After IIOI’s last album in 2016, the project redefined what the emo genre could be, and would be in the years to follow. Now, four years passed, he delivers an entirely new innovative sound. A continuous trek for the transformation, he continues to progress both sonically and emotionally, all while exploring and updating what we consider an already perfected sound.

The album is all about trying to make peace with bad decisions made, reconciling what can be, and coping with what you can’t, explains Weiss. Moving forward and doing whatever is possible to be better to the people surrounding them, he makes quite an ode with this record.

Magic In Collaboration

Building Figure, Weiss turned to community and collaboration, departing from solidarity, letting go of control, and finding magic in help. Cue drummer and Audio Engineer Adam Beck, who began writing with Weiss in May 2017. The next two years were full of a partnership in which the pair assembled over 30 songs. “I owe that dude my life,” says Weiss. “He came in and saved me when I was in a really dark time.”

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Frankly, so do we, as it’s giving us a new IIOI album. One that’s full of layer after layer of epic, thoughtful, yet patient journeys through the streets, parks, and coincidentally heartbreaks of Logan Square, this one is bound to be passion-filled. Damn those Philly ties.

To Learn More About Into It. Over It: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | WEBSITE

Featured Image Source: Into It. Over It. on Facebook

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