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Mulan And The Road To Filmmaking

Mulan And The Road To Filmmaking

Mulan will be streaming on Disney + for those with premiere access starting September 4th. For $29.99, you can watch the epic adventure before any Disney + subscriber. While it isn’t quite the theater experience, don’t let it dampen your wish to see it. After all, this will be as special as you make it.


For now, though, you can watch a special featurette called Epic Filmmaking. In this, you can see behind the making and maybe even get many of your questions answered. It is no secret that the acceptance of this live-action has been a rocky one. All it took was fans to hear “No Mushu” and “No Musical Number” to get upset. Then on top of that, during a very sensitive time, lead actress Lui Yifei spoke out in support of the Hong Kong Police. There is a lot to unpack, but first, the featurette.

Mulan; Origin

Disney + is doing beautifully with their behind the scenes initiatives. Whether it is the Mandalorian creation or Mulan, they help spark an interest in the beauty and power of filmmaking. It can be quite daunting to imagine even making a film, whether you’re a film student or not. There are a lot of moving parts. These small glimpses, however, can spark an interest in the choreography, fighting preparations, and directing behind these larger than life films. The comments below this film were quite informative and also gave perspective to these issues.

The dragon is a sign of respect and it’s a sign of strength and power, and that sort of using it as a silly sidekick didn’t play very well with the traditional Chinese audience.

Jason Reed, Collider

What we as the audience have to remember is, this is a story that is being retold, not only for a second time, but the original story finds its origins in China with The Ballad Of Mulan. China has a very long tradition of beliefs and customs like with the dragon. In the world we live in, where we strive for empathy and acceptance, we must realize that consideration matters. Especially since the creators have gone out of the way to gather an ethnically correct set of actors. With those changes, more are bound to fall into place for it to feel natural and not like a mockery.

Minds Coming Together

A lot has gone into the making of this movie as shown in the above clip. We get chills every time we see more. We don’t want to get too political, but the nature of art and film makes it inherently so. It’s taking an idea and values and either confirming, denying, exploring, or questioning those ideas. This story is from China and in staying truer to the original, the creators are stepping closer to traditional fighting, weaponry, and of course casting Chinese actors.

We will say this about Liu Yifei’s statements regarding the HK police using Mulan. She is steeped in tradition, and while pushing the bounds of that tradition, she is still faithful to the beliefs of her people. Honor, loyalty, and country are core beliefs, and changing or opening those makes for many lifetimes of unraveling.

The traditional Disney audience and the diaspora Asian audience viewed the movie in one way, and the traditional Chinese in China audience viewed a slightly different way. So we really dug in to try and make sure that we were addressing both of those audiences in a thoughtful way.  And I think that we—I hope, knock on wood—I think we found a way to tie the way they look at the movie together.

Jason Reed, Collider

We have delved into some of the major changes from the animated film previously here at THP. Even so, we think it is truly important to approach this film with a sense of hope for the future and understanding of the vastness of the film making landscape as well as the people involved. If anything, the visuals and the music should have some beautiful twists in store for us if the trailer and Christina Aguilera are any indications.

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