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Point North Are Here And They’ve Got A Brand New Vision

Point North Are Here And They’ve Got A Brand New Vision

Point North Promo

Point North has always been a very underrated band to us. They can make great songs at the alternative genre and the pop punk genre. The band has actually just released their sixth song off their debut album Brand New Vision, the song titled ‘No One’s Listening,’ you can listen to the song here.

Point North – ‘No One’s Listening’

Brand New Vision will drop Friday, August 21st. The album has been highly anticipated, being it is their first album and their unique sound. They could really stick out to fans of a few different artists to us. At times they have the alternative sound, but also at other times it almost sounds Blackbear influenced. It’s just great music for a great upcoming band, certainly an awesome way to put their name into the different genres.

Now back to ‘No One’s Listening.’ Point North said this song has a lot of meaning behind it.

‘No One’s Listening’ is a song written about the inequality and injustice that migrant Americans face on a daily basis. We wanted this track to express the detriment, frustration and sense of entrapment it can cause. It’s super important to us that we utilize our platform to spread awareness on social injustices such as these.

Point North

What’s better than a new song? A performance! Point North will be performing a LIVE full production and full band performance on August 20, 2020 at 10:30p ET. Fans can purchase tickets for the livestream, with an option to purchase a signed CD right here. Will you be buying a ticket? We know we are!

Some Serious Features

The album features a lot of big names including Kellin Quinn and DE’WAYNE! But the bands main purpose of the album was to talk about real issues. Anything from self doubt, self-forgiveness, depression and even more.

Our favorite released track is ‘Into The Dark’ with Kellin Quinn, this really sounds like it could be the breakout song. This song is mostly about feeling like you want to give up but you keep going, and carrying on. “Trying not to lose myself when I go too far” and ” I need a sunrise in the dark” are easily two of our favorite lyrics.

That really is the epitome of the album with ‘A Million Pieces,’ ‘Heartbeat,’ and ‘Personal’ being the bands solo tracks on the record. Those all hold up very well and proves to nihilists that the band can indeed hold up on their own. Yes, the names the collaborate with are amazing, but their are also amazing on their own! Personally, our favorite is ‘A Million Pieces.’

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If you’re a fan of Blackbear, Sleeping With Sirens, Makeout or any of those style of artists, we highly recommend checking out Brand New Vision when it releases this Friday. Also, if you are looking for some great pop punk, alternative or just great music news in general, we should be friends! Stay tuned in to The Honey POP and hopefully we’ll fill all your pop culture needs!

Did you like Point North’s new song ‘No One’s Listening’? How excited are you for Brand New Vision? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, or dropping us a comment below!

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