Tiana Major9 Got Us Thinking In New Music Video

Tiana Major9 Got Us Thinking In New Music Video
Photo Credit: Tiana Major9 Facebook

When Tiana Major9  dropped her freshest EP At Sixes And Sevens we wanted more.  All we did was think about her and she blessed us with a new music for ‘Think About You.’ She got us thinking and oh, how we love it too.

This music video is the perfect companion to the song with its black and white aesthetic. As a simple yet catchy bop that ‘Think About You’ is, centered around unrequited love, we fall into Tiana’s daze, landing in her dream-like fantasy. As we listen to those pining lyrics, we catch ourselves drifting into the depths of our own daydream, mesmerized by her dancing on the screen backed the hypnotic instrumentals.

Curious what your own thoughts might stir with ‘Think About You’? Watch below!

In case you’re craving more Tiana Major9 and didn’t know, she released a four-part miniseries, Behind At The Sixes and Sevens through her Instagram last month. She offers an exclusive look into her musical journey in each of the episodes and her evolution as an artist with Motown Records.

But besides the ‘Think About You’ music video, Tiana Major9 got us thinking even more about her music.

“To be at Sixes and Sevens means to be at a state of total confusion…love is confusing.” Sixes and Sevens is available for streaming here.

Satisfied with the music video? What do you think about her music in general? Give us your review by dropping us a tweet or stop by our Instagram with a comment! Remember to stay up to date with the sweetest pop culture news with us!  

To Learn More About Tiana Major9:

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