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5 Reason Why … You Should Stan AleXa

5 Reason Why … You Should Stan AleXa

AleXa recently debuted back on October 21st, 2019, and she is already making waves! We here at The Honey Pop are ready to make you a permanent stan. Are you ready to become an Ai Trooper?

Dancing Queen

AleXa is such an incredible dancer! Top-notch, in fact, back in 2016, she won the dance category of ‘Rising Legends Season 1!’ She has been dancing since she was young, but when you think she’s finally at her peak, she proves us wrong and continues to get stronger. What helps is that she always puts her all into her performances. Her energy, mixed with her dance skills, makes for an incredible performance. Also, have you seen her dancers? They are also amazing!

How Relatable Can You Be?

Image Source: Courtesy Twitter @AleXa_ZB

We know you’ve probably heard “Oh they’re so relatable” a lot, but we’re not kidding when we say how relatable she can be. First, she is a stan like us! She admires and is a fan of all of our favorite Kpop idols. It’s not something that she suddenly stopped doing either because she still follows all of her favs. On her days off, she chills out and catches up on some Netflix and YouTube. If you follow her on everything you can you’ll quickly realize what she’s into.

Share Some Of That Talent With Us

Image Source: ZB Label, YouTube Channel AleXa

She can sing and dance, but did you know she’s also an excellent podcast co-host? AleXa has a podcast with Day6’s Jae called ‘How Did I Get Here?’ She first appeared as a temporary host in the place of Jae, but when he got back, it was announced that she would be permanently joining him. It’s honestly really cool to see them hang out and share stories. Their stories can get pretty entertaining and wild, so it’s always a fun watch. It’s available on streaming services we know you’re apart of, so why not check it out. You can see it here.

Pushing Current Trends

Image Source: Courtesy Twitter @AleXa_ZB

If you ever need to figure out the current trend turn to AleXa. She will show you the way, whether it’s through her occasional posts, her outfits, or her interactions. You can tell she knows what she is doing and just enjoys fashion. As mentioned above you can check out the podcast for further proof of her fashion knowledge.

So Much More To Come

Image Source: Courtesy Twitter @AleXa_ZB

AleXa has accomplished a lot in one year, and there is still so much more to come! Her music videos usually garner over 1 million views, and her performances always have people talking. The Kpop world is realizing how much of a powerhouse she is, and it’s about time you do too. Also, on her Twitter, she recently hinted at a possible new album.

It’s never too late to start stanning someone but might as well jump on the party bus early.

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What do you think about AleXa? Are you ready to become an Ai Trooper? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: ZB Label, courtesy Twitter @AleXa_ZB

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