7 Times Wonho Was A Synonym For Love

Anyone who knows K-Pop star Wonho knows that he is made of love beams. This may come as a surprise to those who have only seen him tearing up the stage as a member of Monsta X, but for Wenees (and WeneeBebes) his beast-like image is the furthest thing from their minds when thinking about what makes him so very lovable. That’s why it’s no surprise that his debut mini-album, dropping September 4th, is sweetly titled Love Synonym (#1) Right For Me.

To celebrate his solo debut we’ve picked out 7 times that Wonho himself was a synonym for love.

His Music

Wonho is not just an incredible singer and dancer, he also produces his songs. Writing lyrics and composing music is a way for him to express his feelings, and a lot of those feelings happen to be about love. Not just romantic love though! Wonho writes about anything that sparks inspiration, including his fans and the world around him. He’s also not limited to one genre. Saccharine bops ‘널하다 (I Do Love U)’ and ‘From Zero’ talk about love in a cheerful, melodic way. The sultry R&B track ‘Mirror’ explores the darker side of a relationship. While his most recent song ‘Losing You’ comes directly from his own experiences and gives a raw insight into redemptive, unconditional love. If that wasn’t enough to show how much he cares, the song is entirely in English (with lyric videos in 4 languages).

His Kindness

There are many reasons to fall in love with Wonho but his kindness is a big one. And he doesn’t just speak it, he shows it with his actions. In the past, he has helped a delayed fan get into a meet & greet, carried chairs in the rain so that fans wouldn’t have to kneel on the wet ground (even wiping them down with his suit sleeve), and given his umbrella to a fan who was waiting to see him without one. There are also many examples of Wonho treating everyone with the same care and respect as he shows his fans. So it’s no surprise that senior and junior artists, staff members and reporters have all commented on how gentle and respectful he is. Of course, the same goes for every member of Monsta X, as any Monbebe will tell you.


Speaking of Wonho’s love for his fans, we have to talk about his new fandom name. Following his unjust departure from Monsta X last year, Wonho has gone solo and been able to choose a special name for his fans. Despite having hundreds of amazing suggestions he finally settled on ‘Wenee’ (pronounced whinny). This is a combination of the words ‘we’ and ‘need’ to reflect the mutual reliance between Wonho and Wenee. He also stated that it stood for ‘we new ending’ as a thank you to his fans who wrote a new ending for his career by fighting for him when he needed it most. Wenee has a lot of love for Wonho, but he always gives them even more back!

Image Source: Naver VLive

“Have You Eaten?”

The phrase “Have you eaten?” has become synonymous with Wonho’s love for his fans. No matter how busy he is, he always finds the time to check in with them. Making sure Wenees never feel lonely and know he is there for them is Wonho’s number one priority. He has even stayed up all night on VLive chatting and providing companionship to his viewers even when he is tired. Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram or FanCafe he is always spoiling fans with selfies, asking about their day, or making sure that they aren’t skipping meals. Food is the language of love, after all.

Translation: Did you eat lunch?

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

As we mentioned in the intro, looks can be deceiving. A true fitness bunny on the outside, Wonho is very sweet and sensitive. He wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to be emotional, something which can often be seen as a weakness by society. He doesn’t hold a fixed idea of masculinity saying that there is no particular distinction between men and women. More than that, when asked what his ideal type was he answered: “Someone who cooks ramen well […] gender doesn’t matter to me.” He proves this with his experiments with traditionally feminine fashion such as lace, crop tops, and fishnets. Naturally, he shares his values of self-love with his fans too. He always makes male fans feel welcome and encourages everyone to enjoy the things they like no matter what other people think.

Supporting Causes

Shattering stereotypes isn’t the only cause Wonho puts his love into. He has supported various charities and campaigns over the years. Including painting his pinkie fingernail for the Polished Man campaign, and participating in the Safety Pin movement to show he doesn’t stand for any kind of discrimination. He has also spoken out in support of the LGBTQ+ community. During a VLive broadcast with Monsta X’s Joohoney, a gay fan asked him for advice to which he sincerely told them to be true to themselves and cheered them on. In recognition of all of this he, and the other members of Monsta X, were appointed ambassadors of the Together Band to promote the goals of peace and justice. Wonho’s heartfelt work didn’t go unnoticed by Wenees either as they banded together to create multiple projects in his name. From adopting animals to donating to the Australian bush-fire fund, to supporting worldwide anti-bullying charities. Wenee is always trying to follow Wonho’s example and make him proud.

Being Monsta X’s Protector

Ok so Monsta X are family and look out for each other like brothers, wbk. But Wonho has always gone that extra mile to make sure no harm comes to his members. They’ve even said themselves that they feel safest walking beside him. We can see how having Wonho by your side would be like having an extra bodyguard. So it’s fitting that Wonho’s stage name means ‘to protect’ in Korean. From making sure the quieter members are included in broadcasts, to giving them exercise tips and keeping them fed, to being a (large) shoulder to lean on when they need it. He has proven there is nothing he wouldn’t do for the boys of Monsta X.

We know, we know; we haven’t even scratched the surface of what makes Wonho special. So make sure to share your favorite #WonhoLoveSynonym moments with us on Twitter @thehoneypop and let us know what you love most about him on Facebook or Instagram!

Has Wonho captured your heart? Need to know everything more about him? We got you.


Featured Image Source: The Honey POP from Naver

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  • One of my favorite things about him was years ago, on some reality show Monsta X did a psychology tests, and the adminstrator of the test advised Wonho he needed to make sure he took care of himself more. The Monsta X members agreed and mentioned how Wonho always puts others first, and even volunteered in his freetime at a youth center. I was thinking “He’s an idol, and actually giving back, with no recognition.” It reminded me of when he mentioned before being picked on the show No.Mercy why he said he wanted to become a success so badly was to give back to his family and help others who were like him growing up.

  • This describes wonho si well, i’m crying, he is a pure human being full of love, and this love is even manifested in his body, since his nostrils and ears are heart-shaped ㅠㅠ
    I hope Wonho receives the justice, love and succes that he deserves. I love him so much
    Thank you for this article 💗

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