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BTS Talk Their New Single ‘Dynamite,’ Their Upcoming Album and Staying Connected With ARMY

BTS Talk Their New Single ‘Dynamite,’ Their Upcoming Album and Staying Connected With ARMY

Today marks a big day in history as BTS make their comeback after six months in hopes to make the world a brighter place! The Bangtan Boys are back with a brand new summer single – ‘Dynamite‘ – their first all-English track with a retro vibe that was written in hopes to bring smiles to faces and cheer up their beloved ARMY fanbase during the difficult times of 2020.

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Just hours before the drop of ‘Dynamite’, BigHit Entertainment held an exclusive online global press conference and we were the luckiest ducks when we were invited to attend. The boys took to the conference room full of excitement and slight angst, evident that they were itching to release the single as much as we’ve all been desperate to hear it.

Hard at work preparing their next album in hopes to release it by the end of this year, the funky new single is actually a last minute detour that the group took on during the making of this upcoming record as they were eager to get some new music out.

“We’ve been working on our new album aiming to release it at the second half of this year. We came across this song Dynamite. As soon as we heard it we thought it was fun and exciting ad we wanted to release this fun song as soon as possible,” says leader RM.

The single is a completely new route for the boys and like pretty much everything in this topsy turvy year, it was completely unexpected. An all-English lead song is not something that was ever something both fans and BTS thought would be on the horizons, but V explained that “when we were recording the guide version, we thought the English lyrics fit the melody a bit better.”

Describing the new track, SUGA said: “Dynamite is disco-pop with a bright and cheery vibe. i’m sure many people can dance to it. and it’s very fun!”

“There are some easy moves you can try yourselves; I’m sure the fans can do some covers in your own room. there are some moves that bring out our unique personalities and vibes. we enjoyed practicing for it,” Jungkook pointed out. We’re sure he’s seen the current ‘Dynamite’ trend on his secret TikTok.

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As much as BTS is widely-adored and ARMY around the world have been heartbroken that the pandemic is keeping them apart, it’s evident that the septet reciprocate the feelings quite strongly. Throughout this year they have been doing their best to stay connected to their loyal fans and have been a real escape for many during the difficult times. From hosting virtual concerts such as BangBangCon LIVE, regularly participating in wholesome activities such as bracelet making and decorating ARMY Bombs on VLIVE, to even sharing regular updates of their progress on the upcoming album, it’s clear that this new single is an important project that they needed to release as soon as possible.

“Everybody in the world is going through tough times. We really wanted to be onstage we really wanted to meet the fans. We also felt empty, we felt helpless and we needed a breakthrough to overcome this helplessness and we came across this opportunity to try something new,” Jimin explained, while SUGA went on to add: “Dynamite sends a message of happiness and confidence. I’d say it’s a song to all the people who felt like they had fallen down while running a marathon.” Don’t look at us, we’re sweating through our eyes!

Right now, in place of their world tour which should be taking place throughout the year, BTS have been keeping as busy as possible, working on their next project that they are hoping to release in the fourth quarter of 2020, though no exact date has been pinned just yet. Project manager Jimin went on to inform us that this new album has the highest member participation than any of their releases to date.

“I am the project manager (PM). V is in charge of visuals. I’m not sure if I did a good job as a PM. The members are working really hard to produce a good result!” Listen Jimin, sweetie, we know you’ve been acing the role. You’re Park Jimin, for crying out loud!

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BTS have been pushing this single big time across the states, so when asked about the Billboard Hot 100, SUGA shared that he was curious to see where the single would land.

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“Chart rankings are always something we watch with a lot of nervousness and excitement. Rather than have some sort of result we have as a target, I think it’s better to do our best so we can repay the attention and love our fans show us. Our goal for dynamite is special. We built this song to give a little strength to people to listen to it. So our goal is for as many people as possible to listen to it.” Jin went on to add: “No matter what the chart position is, or the record is, it always feels like an honor, because it means people around the world are hearing their music. If there is a new record, it will be moving and encouraging.” That’s our boys!

BTS’s single ‘Dynamite’ is out now

Are you hyped about ‘Dynamite’? What are you hoping for in the next album? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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