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Future Teens: Solidifies The Future Of ‘Bummer Pop’ With Sensitive Sessions

Future Teens: Solidifies The Future Of ‘Bummer Pop’ With Sensitive Sessions

The future? It’s Future Teens. Coining the term ‘bummer pop,’ their signature sound includes a specific kind of sulk that allows them to create the perfect collection of upbeat singalongs turned gut-wrenching breakup throw-downs. Ultra-relatable, this group is just one of those bands that gets it. No matter what exactly you’re going through, or what stages of life or relationship you’re at Future Teens has got you covered. Their most recent album Breakup Season is wealthy with real raw lyricism, and truthfully, it couldn’t be more perfectly catchy. Combined artistry from sick ass co-vocalist – Amy Hoffman (they/them) and Daniel Radin (he/him) with additional dynamic from Maya Mortman (bass; she/her) and Coby Blauvelt (drums; he/him), Future teens has given us one of the most memorable indie albums in recent years. 

Future Teens Sensitive Session Album Art
Image Source: Courtesy of No Earbuds PR

The debut album jam-packed with jams of unforgettable romantic tragedy, ever so often miscommunication, and mistakes it’s impossible not to relate. If you thought the tunes were relatable before, then you’re in for a real treat. If you’ve yet to check out Future Teens? The time is NOW. Coming back to the roots, the solitude from the original conception of the album is apparent in the newest release. Sensitive Sessions, a new EP, has re-imagined songs from Breakup Season in the exact way they were initially intended. Confirm this news for yourself, by checking out Future Teens via Sensitive Sessions: 

Future Teens – ‘Swiped Out’

Giving the band a chance to build something fresh from a previously structured song helped them shine the sensitivity light onto the lyrics and meaning of each re-imagined song. Keeping only the soulfully sensitive lyrics and chords, each song went one of two ways—either keeping close to the original or into a whole new territory. 

To wrap the EP? Well, what better than a cover? Covering ‘All-Star’ by Smash Mouth, the group gives a drastically changed take, and us? We freaking love it. 

Future Teens – ‘All Star (Smash Mouth Cover)’

Streaming everywhere now, Sensitive Sessions is also available on a limited 7’’ for pre-order. Stay tuned for a release party LiveStream for charity, which they will announce in the upcoming weeks. 

What’s your favorite song off the EP? All of them? What a coincidence, Us too. Let us know what you’re thinking by commenting down below or giving us a shout @TheHoneyPop on twitter!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of No Earbuds PR

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