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‘Love I’m Given’ Delivers a Powerful Music Video

‘Love I’m Given’ Delivers a Powerful Music Video

Recently, Ellie Goulding released her album The Brightest Blue, and we were mesmerized and enlightened. ‘Love I’m Given’ was featured on the album and now has a music video. Director Rianne White, who worked with Ellie on ‘Flux’ last year alongside director of production Rina Yang, is back to bring us this breathtaking snapshot of an amazing pop ballad.

With beautiful shades of the brightest blue, we’re given passionate dancers and flashing lights. Disorientated in the shadows, fighting to come out on top in brilliant gold. The color palette and choreography come together to paint an entrancing picture. Ellie’s personality shows through and her message is clear.

“’Love I’m Given’ is about accepting and being at peace with all the mistakes in your life and realizing you get the same love back you give out. The video represents the fight between calm and chaos. The boxing ring is weirdly the place I feel the most pure and in control, and the moments in the gold dress represent getting to a place of ultimate power when you know you are in the most powerful place you can be when you have that kind of revaluation about love and forgiveness.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie has also announced, “The Brightest Blue Experience,” which will be recorded and live-streamed from London’s V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) on August 26th. Need more details? We got you.

Did you love the music video for ‘Love I’m Given’? Are you excited for The Brightest Blue live on pay-per-view? Which tracks are you most excited to hear? Leave your excitement in the comments below, or you can find us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, @thehoneypop!

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