Bryce Vine Dropped A New EP And Made Us Forget All Our Problems

Bryce Vine Dropped A New EP And Made Us Forget All Our Problems

We’re deep in our feelings right now. Why? We just listened to the new Bryce Vine EP, Problems, and it hit hard. We’re not the only one feeling more emotions while listening, as Bryce was reaching deep inside himself to put the EP together.

As life gets harder, I try to write things that make me feel better. It’s what I do. I never want to make the same song twice. A lot of this music was inspired while I was sitting by myself in my room during quarantine with nothing else to do but get better at guitar. That’s how I wrote as a kid in the living room or in my garage. It was a return to that.

Bryce Vine

With COVID-19, Bryce has had time to just stay home and focus on his music and put real meaning into it. Just sitting in his room, strumming his guitar, and putting his emotions and observations to a catchy tune. It’s filled with introspection, nostalgia, and realizations. As we’re all going through it a bit, this EP brought us the reminder that we’re not alone. Especially when he sings, “I’m just as lost as you are,” on the second track, ‘It Falls Apart.’

The five-song EP includes tracks ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘It Falls Apart,’ ‘Fireside, ‘Strawberry Water,’ and ‘Problems’ featuring Grady. We’ve already gotten ‘Life Goes On,’ the song that was written after Kobe Bryant’s passing that helps us get by.

And we’ve heard ‘Problems,’ the song that perfectly describes our emotions, especially during 2020.

With three new songs on this EP, we’re impressed and so happy to finally have them. Our favorite? ‘It Falls Apart’ because of the lyrics and the overall vibe of the song. The vibes of every song on the EP are amazing. Whether or not you sit down and listen to it or play it while going about your day, it’s the perfect EP for everything.

Okay, you’ve had enough suspense. Check out Problems, Bryce Vine’s new EP, here!

Have you listened? See! We told you it was filled with emotions. What are yours after listening?What do you think of it? What’s your favorite song off Problems? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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