BTS Released Their New Song ‘Dynamite’ And Summer Just Got A Whole Lot Funkier

BTS Released Their New Song ‘Dynamite’ And Summer Just Got A Whole Lot Funkier

It’s. Finally. Here! BTS has officially released their new single, ‘Dynamite,’ and it’s everything the boys said it would be. Meant to give a bit of happiness to ARMY and “bring a surge of much needed ‘energy’ to reinvigorate the global community in the midst of COVID-19,” the group’s first entirely English track does just that. We have not been able to stop listening since the music video was released at midnight EST. Within only the first hour, ‘Dynamite’ became the fastest music video on YouTube to reach 20 million views, and they haven’t slowed down since. We already have the words memorized and have attempted the groovy dance that the boys perform in the video. 

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The song lives up to its lyrics “shining through the city with a little funk and soul,” which plays up to its’ funky disco beat! It is a throwback to eras such as the ’70s and ‘80s with its sound and the boys’ style (and we can see some hints of the old-school ’90s fashion in there too). Like the upbeat tempo of the song, the music video is just as cheerful. With bright colors in the scenery, and the boys dancing around being themselves, it’s almost impossible not to smile the entire time you are watching. Each boy gets his center moment, and each has their unique personalities shine through in their dance and the way they goof around in the video. It is lively and joyful the entire time, and the bit of light we needed, given the current global circumstances.

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While ‘Dynamite” was not in BTS’ original gameplan when it came to working on their next album, they couldn’t resist releasing the track and were eager to do so. Believe us when we say that we are so glad that they did. BTS has shown once again the power of music. More specialty, how they are impacting the world with their musical creations. Regardless of the circumstance that they face, 2020 has proven to be quite the year for BTS, who continues to exceed expectations and setting the bar high. There is no arguing the influence they have had on the world, and it can no longer be ignored.

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If you’re wondering where to find us, we’ll be streaming ‘Dynamite’ all day long, practicing the fan chant, and screaming about center Jin. And don’t forget, you can catch the first-ever TV performance of ‘Dynamite” on the MTV VMAS on August 30th!

Did you watch the ‘Dynamite’ music video? Are you streaming the song? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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