5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Demi Lovato

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Demi Lovato

In honor of Demi Lovato, The Honey Pop invites you to look back at all the reasons why we love this queen with all of our hearts!

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Empowered Female

Demi Lovato is an incredible feminist who uses her voice to speak out about important issues! She encourages her fans to help spread love and awareness across the globe, especially when it comes to body positivity.

Image By: Allie Flinn via Totalbeauty.com


Speaking about body positivity, Demi shows us how confident she is, and even shares with her fans gorgeous pictures of herself on her socials. Demi is clearly the queen of confidence and she even has a song written all about it!

Angelic Voice

Demi has an Incredible and angelic voice. If you haven’t seen her performances, we highly recommend you go to her future shows! We at THP have seen her live performances and she is stunning and does an amazing job! Literal chills!!!

Image By: Angela Stephanou via Tell Tales

Strong Woman

Demi has overcome obstacles and is the strongest woman I know. Demi allows us into her personal life, we know about her struggles, and we are proud of her accomplishments. She makes us feel loved and always reminds us it’s okay to feel sad sometimes.

Our Childhood Idol

Lastly, let’s all agree Demi is everyone’s favorite childhood rockstar known for her role in Camp Rock. Did we mention she is friends with the Jonas Brothers?!

Image By: John Medland / © Disney Channel

THP wishes Demi Lovato a happy belated birthday, and congratulate her on her engagement with her beau!! Demi, you deserve the world and so much more! Tweet @thehoneypop if you have other reasons why you love and stan Demi Lovato !!


Featured Image Courtesy of Demi Lovato Via Instagram

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