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Hawthorne Heights Announces Stay Home Virtual Tour

Hawthorne Heights Announces Stay Home Virtual Tour

Hawthorne Heights, kings of emo, and creators of some of our forever favorite throwbacks have announced a tour! That’s right; you’re reading this right. Hawthorne homies JT Woodruff (Vocals, Guitar), Mark McMillon (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Matt Ridenour (Bass, Backing Vocals), Chris Popadak (Drums) have consistently remained dedicated to the music, and the fans. Fourteen years of monumental music mayhem like albums The Silence in Black And White and If Only You Were Lonely make our emo hearts jump for nostalgic joy. 

Hawthorne Heights Tour Poster
Image Source: Courtesy of Katy Cooper (Big Picture Media)

Presented by the band, you can snag tickets to Stay Home With Hawthorne Heights. A live, intimate, virtual tour it’s almost as good as the real thing. With virtual tour opener Mark Rose, the band will perform two unique shows per night in different cities around the United States in an effort to not only give fans what they want and need, but to raise money for independent venues, local promoters, and other behind the scene essential personal. It’s the thoughtfulness-support-of-local-scene for us. Hawthorne Heights, they get mad respect from us and the world with this one. 

Hawthorne Heights – ‘Niki FM’

Because who doesn’t love a good throwback?

Each Ticket for the show is $10.00 and are on sale NOW. For fans who are unable to make the date of their show, they can still purchase tickets and watch the stream for 15 days after their live time. Of course, they couldn’t leave us fans without VIP packages and exclusive merch deals too! 

What you can expect from the tour will be a handful of hits, including some from the most recent full-length Bad Frequencies released in 2018 via Pure Noise Records. The first release from the band since 2018 fans are reminded why Hawthorne Heights has maintained their presence in the genre. All while progressing, maturing, and reflecting on life as musicians and men.

Hawthorne Heights – ‘Push Me Away’

A little old, a BIG new.

Did you snag your tickets? You better! Let us know what date you’ll be attending by commenting down below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPop

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