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Movements Floods Our Minds With New Single ‘Skin To Skin’

Movements Floods Our Minds With New Single ‘Skin To Skin’

So-Co quartet Movements has officially announced a new album. Most importantly? Another single.

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Forming in 2015, dudes Patrick Miranda (vocals), Ira George (guitar), Spencer York (drums), and Austin Cressey (bass) have given us quite the lineup of badass tunes. Following 2016 E.P. Outgrown Things, the group went forth to set the seal on their sound with debut full length Feel Something. Boy, did we ever. Eclipsing 40 million streams by this year, the band’s songs’ Daylily’ (11.1 Spotify Streams), ‘Full Circle’ (6.1 million Spotify Streams), and ‘Colorblind’ (5.5 million Spotify Streams) had quite the helping hand in those numbers.

With the announcement of their sophomore album No Good Left To Give, the band has left fans in a fever dream. The album hits shelves on September 18th via Fearless Records. Following the first single ‘Don’t Give Up Your Ghost’ complete with a visually pleasing animated video is the second single ‘Skin To Skin.’ And this single has got us talking, and feeling… things.

Movements – ‘Skin To Skin’

A song about physical intimacy, it’s the first time the band has crossed that boundary. While we’re all about it, vocalist Miranda has some slight reservations noting, “It’s a sex song. Sorry, mom.” Yes. Sorry, mom. But us? We’re not sorry.

Gotten us additionally stoked on the album with this one, Movements gives us a little more insight on what we can expect from No Good Left To Give. Permeating vibes of honest, raw, and emotional music. While this is a sound that Movements has always portrayed, they have grown closer and understand each individual’s respective style. Discussing relatable struggles of mental health, relationships, and everything relatable from their lives, this album is a little bit darker. Cressey echoes that sentiment, sharing, “The mood is a little heavier, for sure… We didn’t try to emulate anyone. It’s very pure.”

Image Source: Courtesy of Atom Splitter PR

We couldn’t be more eager to hear what the band has in store for us sonically, lyrically, and as a whole. Stay tuned for all things Movements here at THP. For now, though, let us know your thoughts on this saucy single by commenting down below or tweeting us @thehoneypop

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