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American Authors Share Inspirational Anthem ‘Brick by Brick’

American Authors Share Inspirational Anthem ‘Brick by Brick’

School’s opening for a lot of us soon, and whether you’ll be on campus or taking classes online, American Authors have given us the perfect song to start every day of this academic year with determination and zeal.

‘Brick by Brick’ is a high-energy, uplifting track that’s bound to get you in the mood to take on the day like a boss. The song is powerful, dynamic, and is sure to become your new inspirational anthem. Plus, it sounds like the lovechild of AJR and Panic! At The Disco, which makes it even better.

Don’t believe us? Check it out here:

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling super inspired rn. After all, the song is about overcoming self-doubt and serves as a testament to the hard work the band puts into their music. Beyond that, it also doubles as a commentary on the current political climate of the USA.

Brick by Brick’ is about conquering the impossible. No one can stop us from achieving greatness & breaking down barriers that others may have set in front of us. The title came from a conversation about destroying barriers and borders that divide us. It’s important now more than ever not to separate but to come together.

Zack Barnet, American Authors

Essentially, this song can mean so many different things to anyone who listens to its message.

We’ve Also Got EP News Coming Your Way!

‘Brick by Brick’ is actually the leading track on American Author’s upcoming EP, Counting Down, so we know the rest of it’s gonna be good. The band hopes to “give people a little bit more joy or happiness, a bit more light and hope at the end of this tunnel” with the release of this EP.

Counting Down is set to be released on September 18th. You can pre-save it right here.

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