Everything We Know About “Magic Of Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

Everything We Know About “Magic Of Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

With the world still in total chaos, many people are missing the joys of wandering around Disney Parks and Resorts. Luckily for us Disney knows how much we miss the parks and they’re doing something about it!

Image Source: Mark Eades via Orange County Register

Starting on September 25th, Disney+ will host the brand new National Geographic series Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. And we’ve got all the info about the series just for you Honey Poppers!

We’ll Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Ever wish you could step behind the curtain of Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Well, now you can and it won’t cost you anything — well, assuming you have a Disney+ subscription that is!

Image courtesy of Disney+

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom promises to take fans behind the scenes of not only Animal Kingdom but also Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’ll also get a look of the underrated Epcot attraction The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

We can’t wait to meet some pretty amazing animals and the dedicated cast members who take care of them day after day.

Animals Are The Featured Star

The show centers on Disney’s Animal Kingdom so of course animals are going to be the main star. What types of animals can we expect to meet? Well, get ready to meet Grace the Gorilla who is celebrating her dad’s 39th birthday.

Image Source: The Lion King via GIPHY

If gorillas aren’t your thing, don’t worry Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is going to feature many other animals like hyenas getting a spa treatment, a lion pride, an impressive yet intimidating pair of vultures, Sumatran tigers, and of course some sea life like Harry the seat turtle, Lil’ Joe and Lou two manatees, and a pregnant spotted eagle!

Lions and tigers and…gorillas oh my!

Find Out What Its Really Like To Work With Wild Animals

Sure, we all like to think we’d love to take care of a tiger or care for a pregnant seal but caring for wild animals is not for the faint of heart! The docuseries will show us just how much work goes into being an Animal Kingdom cast member.

Image Source The Vet Life via GIPHY

In addition to the animals, the series will introduce us to veterinarians who work around the clock to monitor our favorite animal’s health, while also meeting cast members who are tasked with making sure the animal’s homes are clean and that they’re happy.

The Narrator Is Worth Melting For

Every good documentary series needs an equally as good narrator and Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is no exception. So, who’s narrating this epic series?

We’ll give you a hint: He voices a snowman who loves hugs.

Image courtesy of Disney+

If you guessed Josh Gad you’re right! We’re definitely going to be tuning in now!

It Took A Lot Of Work To Make This Series

Filming with animals is no easy task, not even Disney pixie dust could make it easy! Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom took five months to film and used a variety of cameras to get all the best shots.

Some highlights include an 18-foot crane, underwater cameras for our fish friends, and tons of GoPros set up in the animal’s exhibits so no footage is ever missed!

It’s Coming Soon

Unlike some Disney+ projects that have us staring anxiously at our calendars, Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is just around the corner. The 8 part docu-series hits Disney+ on September 25th.

Image Source Peter Pan via GIPHY

We can’t wait! And we bet you’re just as excited as we are. We want to hear what animals you’re most excited to see, so let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source Courtesy of Disney+

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