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Is Halsey ‘Running’ Towards A Secret Surprise?

Is Halsey ‘Running’ Towards A Secret Surprise?

Halsey’s had us running in circles this week! Way back, in 2016 Visit Badlands tweeted to ‘Keep Running’. Since finding this tweet and our last Halsey post, we’ve realized this moment has, quite literally, been over four years in the making.

We, along with the entirety of Halsey twitter, have read about more theories than ever, and honestly, our brain cells are hurting. So sit back and fasten your seatbelt, while we ‘Drive’ you through a whistle-stop tour of what we at THP think might be happening next Friday!

Visit Badlands

The Visit Badlands account has been raising the stakes this week. Just a few days ago, there was an announcement to Badlands residents from the director of its parks and recreation department ‘Marlin Grand’ following a ‘security breach’. This post contained so many clues so here’s a quick breakdown: 

‘They Lie To Us’ 

Several letters in the message were underlined and spelled out the message ‘They Lie To Us’. We can only assume that the ‘security breach’ isn’t the real threat and that the real threat is Marlin Grand himself. 

The message was pre-cursed by a photo of Halsey herself, with a target on her which further backs up our theory that she’s in danger and trying to escape from a threat inside Badlands. We just know now that this threat is probably Mr. Marlin Grand. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. Only yesterday, a new Visit Badlands website was posted and we’re losing our shit. It appears to be made to warn people not to visit, and we’re told to ‘Keep Running’ from messages on the page’s banner. That’s when a password pops up! 

THP HQ figuring out the password for y’all via GIFY

When you type in KEEPRUNNING a new window pops up saying ‘5 Years Is A Long Time’. While we tried not to freak out anymore, we decided to call the number at the bottom of the screen, and boy we were not disappointed. 

 So all we knew so far was that we needed to ‘Keep Running’. That’s when we decided to dig ourselves down deeper and take a trip down memory lane. 

Manic World Tour

After being told by the Visit Badlands website that ‘5 Years Is A Long Time’ we decided to rewatch ‘Forever…(is a long time)’ from Halsey’s Manic World Tour.

After checking the setlist, we spotted popular Badlands track ‘Haunting’ just before. So we backtracked to watch this too. Now hold onto your seat things are about to start to get wild!

The visuals for ‘Haunting’ are, well, haunting. They feature a glass corridor that flashes blue and then an old businessman walks in. We see him in the background continuously, and at times, we see his face in incredible detail. Along with a huge number of fans, we couldn’t help but notice just how similar he looks to the dad in the ‘Colors’ music video. 

Marlin is that you??????? via ‘Colors’ Music Video

Then, once the track’s over, Halsey takes over the big screen, and we see her in a medical chair. The number of fan theories about this is *intense*, but some of our favs center around Halsey being trapped and held captive in this room. That’s when ‘Forever…(is a long time)’ begins in a kaleidoscope of blue and red lighting. 

See Also

Now, we have to circle back to that phone call audio? Well, remember the way we heard Halsey breathing heavily at the end? Well towards the end of the song, she does the same thing. At the time, we all just thought nothing of it…but now it all seems a bit more…significant?

The final part of this trio of songs is ‘Dominic’s Interlude’. Played over the arena’s speakers, all our focus was on the visuals. What might seem meaningless at first glance, has so many ‘Colors’ music video Easter eggs. The two most obvious callbacks include Halsey wearing a white tennis skirt while the entire video is filmed on a tennis court. 

We wonder who could possibly be in charge of recreational activity in Badlands like tennis? Certainly not Marlin Grand…or maybe?

So What’s The Truth???

Alongside a bunch of other smaller theories, we’re convinced that Halsey left Room 93 in the Stardust Motel to explore The Badlands. Shortly after she was kidnapped and trapped in a limbo world ‘HFK’ to keep her sanity. Then Ashley wrote ‘Manic’ for Halsey specifically so she could wake up and escape. Now she’s running, and Ashley is on her way to rescue her. 

We’re sure that the 5th Anniversary celebrations next week are bound to include a story along these lines! But in the meantime, if you’re just as excited as us then let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source: Visit Badlands

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  • Who ever the charge of recreational activity, they did a great job, taking tennis in background is not as bad as you mentioned here, i love tennis and due to tennis i am here.

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