Point North Brand New Vision Album Review

Point North  Brand New Vision Album Review

Alt-Pop-Punk-Rockers Point North have released their debut album. Brand New Vision is out now via Hopeless Records, and it is rocking out our airwaves. Radical evolutionists, this band has done their fair share for their place in the scene. Embracing an alternate reality, Point North breaks free from predictability and normalcy. Making meaning for a world that is often uncomfortable, yet creating a place to feel something.

It’s an album full of musical growth and the band are proud of what they’ve created with Brand New Vision. Hopeful that fans will find the sense of joy from the album that they do, we can confirm that we do. A collection focused on choosing love over hate; the silver lining is bright; all this group wants is a sense of unity.

Breaking genre norms, the band picks up on influences of pop, hip hop, punk, and heavy metal. Creating a unique sound, the group increases its relevancy with impressive vocals. Producing big sounds instrumentally, providing colossal amounts of energy, and continuing optimism throughout the record.

Diving in, opening the record with groundbreaking title track ‘Brand New Vision’ featuring De’ Wayne. It flows, is catchy, and is just god damn enjoyable, this track is a perfect start to an unbelievable album. Tuning into their more pop-sounding side, this song is nothing but basic with the flow from De’ Wayne that is absolutely groundbreaking.

Point North – ‘Brand New Vision (Feat. DE’WAYNE)’

The album transitions perfectly into the second track ‘Into The Dark’ featuring Sleeping With Sirens Kellin Quinn. The break out single is a passionate soul searching and heavy-hitting. For us, we think it might be our favorite track of the album. One that we absolutely can’t wait to see live.

Point North – ‘Into The Dark (Feat. Kellin Quinn)’

Facing honest truth and hardships emotionally throughout the album, the song, ‘A Million Pieces,’ paints a story of self-forgiveness and self-love—the vocals on that one, swoon. Relatable as ever, this one is also on repeat.

Point North – ‘A Million Pieces’

‘Heartbeat’ Focuses on the theme of discomfort and trying to overcome it. Relatable lyrics and catchy as hell there’s no doubt that this one will be another fan favorite.

Point North – ‘Heartbeat’

Channeling darkness despair, overall hopelessness, the song tune ‘No One’s Listening’ evolves a bit from other songs in this collection. The similarities, though? Phenomenal vocal, and proficient yet unique instrumentals.

Point North – ‘No One’s Listening’

With the closing track ‘Be The Same’ they drives home the message that discomfort is normal, acknowledging change, and reaching for growth are all attainable. This song is a perfect goodbye from the album, of course not for too long because this one will be on repeat for quite some time. 

Point North – ‘Be The Same’

Brand New Vision is the record this trio has always wanted to release. Full of metaphors, poetry, an honest human emotions, this record is more than we could have ever wished for. Entirely inspiring, we plan to exert good energy always thanks to the boys in Point North 

What’s your favorite tune off the album? Give us the gossip by commenting down below, or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop now!

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