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At Home With The Kids Is THE Album To Bop Along To!

At Home With The Kids Is THE Album To Bop Along To!

at home with the kids

At Home With The Kids might be an upcoming charity kids album, but we’re still bopping along to its tunes! If you want to find a way to raise money for ‘Save The Children’ then this brand new compilation album is the way forward. Curious to find out more? So were we. 

The album is being released Friday 28th August, but a bunch of songs have just been released. Sia, Anderson East, gnash and Matt Maeson all have singles on the album and we’re in love! 

Sia – ‘Riding My Bike’
We’ll be riding our bikes straight to get our hands on a copy of ‘At Home With The Kids’

‘Riding My Bike’ is an upbeat piano bop. While it’s certainly not the kind of Sia track we’re used to, it still slaps nonetheless.

Anderson East – ‘I Ain’t No Zebra I’m A Bumblebee’
Looking for something to groove to?

Anderson East’s soulful voice takes centre stage in ‘I Ain’t No Zebra I’m A Bumblebee’ and we’re buzzing about it! This is certainly a track that we’ll be grooving around to all week long.

gnash – ‘night night’ 
We’re dreaming of gnash’s dreamy vocals!

gnash has given us the ultimate lullaby to drift off to. While it might be targeted towards our younger siblings or our own kids, we can’t deny that the soft vocals are simply breathtaking.

Matt Maeson – ‘Giants’
We’re feeling mega inspired by this gigantic music video

Matt Maeson’s ‘Giants’ is one of this year’s most endearing and uplifting tracks. Alongside a beautifully moving music video, it’s a song that’s become an anthem at THP HQ!

At Home With The Kids, is set to feature 23 classic kids songs, lullabies and a host of new-originals set to become family favourites. Alongside these four outstanding artists, there are a whole bunch of our favs coming together on this record. Some of these include Christina Perri, Tove Lo, Saint Motel and Portugal! 

I’m excited and proud to have been given the opportunity to write and record a song that not only hopefully speaks to someone out there when things are crazy and uncertain, but also helps to raise money for an essential cause. I love my three nephews who performed on this song with me, so whether it’s education, health or protection for kids in need, Save the Children is a super important presence in communities around the world and I’m grateful to help.

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100% of all the net proceeds are being donated to Save The Children! Check out the tracklist here:

  1. Portugal. The Man – Tomorrow
  2. Sia – Riding On My Bike
  3. Royal & the Serpent – The ABC Song
  4. Shelley FKA DRAM – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  5. Chromeo – Georgie Porgie
  6. KYLE – Pickle
  7. Anderson East – I Ain’t No Zebra I’m a Bumblebee
  8. gnash – night night
  9. christina perri – it’s a small world
  10. Ema Jo Cobb – Hawaii
  11. Midland – Farmer John
  12. Ben Abraham – Eat Your Food
  13. Charlotte Cardin – Hush Little Baby
  14. Charlotte Lawrence – Lavender’s Blue
  15. IV Jay – Rock A Bye Baby
  16. Matt Maeson – Giants
  17. chloe moriondo – Oh My Darling Clementine
  18. Saint Motel – Big Ol World
  19. A Thousand Horses – The Golden Rule
  20. Aaron Raitiere – If You Love Yo Mama
  21. The Knocks – Star Design
  22. Tove Lo – Buzz buzz hop hop
  23. Winona Oak – Who Can Sail

What do you think about At Home With The Kids? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below, or hitting us up over on twitter @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

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