5 KARD Songs Your Playlist Needs

5 KARD Songs Your Playlist Needs

KARD just dropped a teaser for their August 26th comeback with ‘Gunshot’. BM, Somin, J.Seph, and Jiwoo are returning with their first single album Way With Words, and we are pumped! To celebrate, we’ve put together our top 5 songs by the co-ed quartet that will turn your playlist up.

밤밤 (Bomb Bomb)

‘Bomb Bomb’ starts the list off with a whole lot of energy. Co-written by member BM, the highlight of this song is the powerful rap that leads into an exciting chant-like chorus. The stunning elemental music video showcases the members surrounded by fire and water and is complete with fun, easy-to-follow dance moves. Whether you’re at the club or jamming along in your bedroom, this song never fails to get the party going!

Ride On The Wind

This summery tropical anthem is perfect for when you want to feel like you’re at a pool party with your friends! ‘Ride On The Wind’ marked a shift in KARD’s discography from their very distinct debut style into a new, more diverse sound. It took the edge over ‘Hola Hola’ which has a similar cheerful vibe, because of it’s care-free tone and upbeat instrumentals. This song lets you feel the breeze in your hair as you dream about that long overdue trip with your besties.

You In Me

‘You In Me’ is one of our personal favorites, and it has it all. Continuing the Moombahton feel from their earlier releases, it also has a little added darkness. Angsty raps from the boys blend perfectly with a melancholic chorus that shows off the girls’ vocal abilities. But in true KARD style, it still has enough synth-pop influence to make it fun to listen to. Add in the gorgeous but creepy MV and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Don’t Recall

If someone asked us who KARD was, we would show them the video for ‘Don’t Recall’. A follow-up to their massive debut single ‘Oh Na Na’ (which also made it very close to the list), it has everything that makes the group so unique. A perfect blend of vocal hooks and enthralling raps, featuring a stylish line-dance choreography that makes everyone want to join in. It even includes their signature deck-of-cards imagery and sleek, luxurious outfits that make their performances look extra sharp.

Trust Me

If you’ve only heard KARD’s title tracks and think they have a limited range, this song will change your mind. ‘Trust Me’ features on the group’s second mini-album You & Me three times (as two duets and a full-group version). It takes EDM to a soft, romantic level as it explores the vulnerable side of a relationship. Vocally each member gets a chance to shine and the choreography is an accent to the music rather than a key part of it. You might want to put this one on a separate playlist to our other suggestions, but we’re confident you’ll like it just as much.

Bonus: Gunshot

The teaser features the KARD members showing off some characteristic point-choreography to a suspenseful beat. They’re dressed to kill and we are living for it. The full song may not have been released yet but we already know it’s going straight onto our playlists (it’s never too early to bring out the Halloween K-Pop mix)!

Are you a Hidden KARD already? Or will you be checking them out now you’ve heard some of their hits? Let us know what songs are a must-have on your playlist @thehoneypop on Twitter. Or head to our Facebook / Instagram and let us know if we’ve missed any of your faves!

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