New Mulan Featurette Marks 10 Day Countdown to Release, Are You Ready?

New Mulan Featurette Marks  10 Day Countdown to Release, Are You Ready?

With the release of a new featurette, we’re one step closer to living in the world of Mulan once again. Rated PG-13, we’re anticipating epic fight scenes and a newfound maturity the story brings us. While this version is much closer to the Chinese original version, we can still find the elements that make each Disney movie so great.

In this small dive into the making of Mulan, we get to hear more about Yifei and what she brings to the character. Each Mulan featurette brings us a new perspective or word about various elements within the film as well as more snippets. Our curiosity is peaking as we wonder just what kind of Mulan are we going to see.

As shown and told throughout the featurette, Yifei is an accomplished fighter, swordsman, and horse rider. These qualities bring such a marvelous enhancement to the film. From the snippets, we have seen we know that these tasks are integral to the character of Mulan. While there are tricks and the existence of stunt doubles, it is always marvelously refreshing to have actors who are knowledgeable and skilled with less training required. Then all resources and time can be spent on the particular choreography and flow making for a spectacular scene.

Are your countdown apps ready? Enjoy that dive into what Yifei brings to Mulan’s character? What do you think of the PG-13 rating? What changes are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us at @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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