Pop Dogs Who Are Living The Life You Can Only Dream Of

Pop Dogs Who Are Living The Life You Can Only Dream Of

Happy International Dog Day, Honey Pop Fam! Just like you, we love our four-legged, floppy-eared companions just as much as we love our popstars! Especially when they make guest appearances on Instagram lives or whole posts dedicated to how special their furry BFFs are! Those dog days aren’t so bad after all. To celebrate our own pups and famous ones, we’ve listed pop dogs who are living the life you can only dream of!

Little Mix’s Little Puppers:

 Hatchi & Travis- Perrie Edwards

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Curly Sue & Travipoo 🐾

A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

Reggie & Oscar- Jesy Nelson

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Finders keepers ♥️

A post shared by @ jesynelson on

Harvey & Kyro- Leigh-Anne Pinnock

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What would life be without these two? ❤️

A post shared by Leigh-Anne Pinnock (@leighannepinnock) on

Regardless if it’s a lazy day, the Little Mix dogs always know how to look fabulous; they are always ready for an impromptu photo shoot!

5 Seconds of Summer’s Four-legged Members:

 Duke- Calum Hood

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Thankyou for the birthday wishes…

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Aww Duke! If you’re a die hard 5SOS fan like us, you know that this little guy captured our hearts the moment Calum introduced him to us and has appeared on countless posts, stories, and lives (sometimes smitten with fan’s own pets)!

South & Moose- Michael Clifford

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good morning from me & my pillow pet

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Can life get better than this? Cake, presents, and photos with only South even if it’s your mom’s birthday too! That smile says it all! Don’t worry about Moose; she’s likely by Michael’s side taking a well-deserved nap. These two also have their own accounts, @southy and @moosemoose!

Petunia- Luke Hemmings

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This gorgeous gal gets endless hugs from Luke all day long. Enough said. But besides snuggling with her human, she also made her music video debut in ‘Wildflower,’ the band’s homemade creation amid the quarantine!   

Ariana Grande’s Posh Pack:

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the love of my life

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Tolouse, shown above, the true VIP he is, was featured along Ariana for a cover on Vogue in 2019 and stole the limelight in her ‘7 Rings’ music video!

The other pups include Myron, Pignoli, Strauss, Sirius, Latayette, Coco, Cinnamon, Fawkes, and Ophelia. While they aren’t lounging around at home, they get their pictures taken in photoshoots like brother Tolouse and articles written about them. Oh did we mention, it was for a 2015 edition of Billboard!

BTS’s Little Army:

Mickey- J-Hope

Holly- Suga

Rapmon- RM

Yeonta- V

Gureum- Jungkook

Just like the boys, we need to know what’s going on with the pups! They’ve become just as iconic, and we definitely notice their absence on social media. When BTS is busy sharing their life on the road, their little army back at home is surrounded by the rest of their family, ready to take care of them and willing to keep us posted with their lives in snapshots!

Blackpink Pawstars:

Kuma & Kai- Jennie

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새해 복 많이 받으세요 🌞✨

A post shared by J (@jennierubyjane) on

Dalgom- Jisoo

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Matching designer outfits with their humans and being pushed around in a buggies while on a stroll, these three have it all, they’re living the pawstar life!  Member Rosé also has two cuties of her own called Max and Tobi.

Selena Gomez’s Two Models:

Winnie & Daisy

Selena introduced us to her new member of the family, Daisy. We fell in love instantly! Cue all those heart eye emojis. When this fury team isn’t breaking hearts, they double as models, helping to promote Selena’s new beauty line!

Justin & Hayley Bieber’s Adorable Son:


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Family photo

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He’s affectionately known as their son. When he’s not hanging out with mom on her photoshoots or napping with dad, we are updated with this latest fashion, including on-trend Halloween costumes.

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra’s Cuddly Family:

Gino, Panda & Diana

When you have famous parents, you will be too! Between the three of them, Gino, Panda, and miss Diana have over 90k followers! We’ll scroll through their feeds along day long to get a glimpse of their lavish LA lifestyles, lounging by the pool or curled up by the fire.    

Twice’s Fur Babies:

Gucci – Tzuyu

 Lucky, Pudding, Petco & Boo- Momo

Kookeu- Nayeon

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Bbosong & Nanan- Jeongyeon

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Ray- Mina

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저기요 ….. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

A post shared by TWICE (@twicetagram) on

Ari- Dahyun

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보고싶다 우리 원스 즐거운 설 보내세용😁

A post shared by TWICE (@twicetagram) on

Among the girls, eleven pups make up the tribe just enough to start a band of their own! Just like Twice’s members, their dogs are regular stars on their Instagram, and we can’t get enough of their cute faces, birthday celebrations, or trips!

Megan Thee Stallion‘s Cool Duo

4oe & Dos

We’re just drooling over the fact 4oe and his little brother, Dos, can jump on their own private jet with their mom any time they please to literally any destination. 4oe even hangs out with Jimmy Fallon when he doesn’t have a plane to catch!

Sigh. Guess we’ll be living the dream life vicariously.

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