Disney Channel Shocked K-Pop Fans

Disney Channel Shocked K-Pop Fans

It’s not a surprise that artists of established KPOP bands are finding more and more opportunities abroad! However, Disney Channel shocked K-Pop fans when they dropped news they were never expecting to hear earlier this month. The network announced that Nichkhun from 2PM and Jae from Day6 will guest star in the third season of Big Hero 6: The Series on Disney XD! When the news dropped, fans were both shocked and excited for the two artists!

Sadly, Disney hasn’t given us all the details that we can sink our teeth in, but we have some to share! HollywoodLife reported that Nichkhun will be playing a set of twins named Kei and Aki, while Jae is playing as another set of twins named Taka and Yuka. The two sets of twins make a boy band called 4 2 Sing in the series! Sadly, we aren’t sure how many episodes both Jae and Nichkhun will be featured in.

Big Hero 6: The Series is based on the 2014 Disney Film Big Hero 6 and acts as a follow-up to the movie. The series follow Hiro and his crew on their adventures to protect their city from scientifically enhanced villains while also facing academic and social challenges as a prodigy. The third season will premiere on Disney XD and DisneyNOW on September 21st!

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What do you guys think about the guest star roles? Would you like to see more KPOP stars featured in the same way? If so, who? Comment below or on Twitter @thehoneypop on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: Disney Channel PR via Twitter

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