John Legend gets ‘Wild’ in his new music video!

John Legend gets ‘Wild’ in his new music video!

We are positive you had been waiting for it as much as we did, and it’s here. John Legend gets ‘Wild’ in his new music video! He reunites with his wife Chrissy Teigen under the direction of Nabil Elderkin, who’d produced the video for ‘All Of Me’. And we have all the information you need to keep you up to date about this new release!

John Legend gets 'Wild'
Image Courtesy of Charly Palmer

What is the video all about?

The new music video got shot in Mexico and is full of emotions and good feelings. It traces the timeline of a love and family story, through John and Chrissy’s presence in front of the camera. Such a wonderful way to picture out their growing family.

As previously stated, the video was directed by Nabil Elderkin who introduced the couple the first time he collaborated with John Legend. Since then, he directed a few other big music videos such as ‘Don’t Start Now’ by Dua Lipa and ‘DNA’ by Kendrick Lamar. If that.

A reminder about John Legend

After a successful career that skyrocketed when John Legend released ‘All Of Me’, his latest album Bigger Love has been warmly welcomed by musical critics. Described as soulful, joyful, loving, hopeful, and tender, it got praised by the biggest music institutions, such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stones.

As a reminder, John Legend also won 11 Grammy Awards and has been recognized for his thoughtful lyrics and soothing voice.

John Legend is also a philanthropist. Therefore, he initiated the #FREEAMERICA campaign in 2015 to change the national conversation surrounding the USA’s misguided criminal justice policies and to end mass incarceration. We love (1) engaged artist!

John Legend gets 'Wild'
Image Courtesy of Joe Pugliese

Have you listened to the new album Bigger Love? Have you watched John Legend get wild in his new music video? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop or leave a comment below!


Featured Header Source: Courtesy of Nabil Elderkin

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