MGK x blackbear: ‘my ex’s best friend’ Video Makes Us Feel Things

MGK x blackbear: ‘my ex’s best friend’ Video Makes Us Feel Things

Let’s get one thing straight; whether you’re ready to accept it or not, MGK is here to stay. Evolving from radical rapper to pop-punk perfection genre-mashing mastermind has made a mark. Over the past two weeks, Machine Gun Kelly has released two killer singles from the upcoming album Tickets To My Downfall.

The old school punk influences of single ‘concert for aliens’ had us hyped as hell for anything to follow, and what did our boy give us? Another god damn jam. ‘my ex’s best friend’ featuring legendary blackbear did BIG things on the charts, and for us too. Scoring the hot spot of #1 on the Billboards Rock Streaming Songs, MGK couldn’t leave us without an aesthetically pleasing music video.

MGK Press Photo Pink Tub
Photo Image Source: Maz Makhani

The music video? It does things to us. But, you’ll have to see that for yourself. Stunningly composed, this visual presents MGK jamming out ever so effortlessly on his pretty-lil-pink-punk-rock guitar. That’s a signature look we could get used to!

Complete with a killer-collision scene followed by blackbear towing them through the desert, of course not before an effortless flow that embodies everything we adore about blackbear. And to be frank, we’ve never seen no man rock coveralls quite as well as blackbear does here….swoon. Our only complaint? This song is just not long enough. Our hope, though, is that there’s some sick interlude, or a part two to look forward to. Hey, we’re dreamers, okay?

Machine Gun Kelly ft. blackbear – ‘my ex’s best friend’

While this one itself deserves all the nominations in the world, it’s not ‘my ex’s best friend’s’ time to shine (yet). However, the good news is that ‘Bloody Valentine’ starring Megan Fox has earned the Ohio original’s very first VMA nomination, for Best Alternative Video, and while voting has closed, we’ve got high hopes.

Streaming over 100 million streams globally, MGK’s rapid rise has solidified his place in the music and film industry. Continue to watch out for MGK, as his Billboard presence alone should have you shaking in your boots. We’ve got our eyes on him. Do you?

Let us know your thoughts on this babe-filled bop and all the things you like about MGK x blackbear’s collaboration on ‘my ex’s best friend’ song and video. Comment down below, or give us a shout on twitter @TheHoneyPop

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