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BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez served us with ‘Ice Cream’

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez served us with ‘Ice Cream’

BLACKPINK gave us one last taste of what’s coming before the release of their first studio album with ‘Ice Cream,’ and it features Selena Gomez!

BLACKPINK reached huge success with their first release this year, ‘How You Like That.’ The song held for a couple of months the record of most views within the first 24 hours of its release, and it was also the fastest YouTube video to get 10 million likes. ‘How You Like That’ also surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify in under a month, and it debuted at #33 on the Billboard Hot 100. This comeback made BLACKPINK the Kpop act with the second-highest number of Hot 100 entries in chart history. It also earned them several nominations for the 2020 VMAs.

So it’s no surprise that everyone was very excited about the release of their next single.

Before the release…

The girl group started teasing the song since last month when they revealed the release of a new single with a mysterious featuring. They had us all wondering and speculating who would be featured in the song. That was until two weeks ago when it was revealed it was the one and only Selena Gomez.

Image Source: YG Entertainment

Right now, BLACKPINK is not only huge in South Korea but also the whole world, and Selena has an immense influence in pop music and pop culture together. They announced our dream collab and the perfect crossover, for sure.

Not only the collaboration itself is huge, but also there were very familiar names in the song’s credits. Selena herself participated in the writing process as well as the long-time BLACKPINK producer, Teddy. It included participation from Tommy Brown, Steven Franks, Bekuh BOOM, and 24. And of course Victoria Monét and Ariana Grande.

Even before its release, ‘Ice Cream’ was set to be a game-changer for not only Kpop music but pop music in general, and it didn’t fail us.

Source: YG Entertainment

‘Ice Cream’

The song gave us a very fun and colorful music video that’s so addicting to watch. Between the different settings, their style, and their captivating attitude, BLACKPINK and Selena really served us art.

Even though this is a very bright song with a catchy tune that will get stuck in your head in the best way, ‘Ice Cream’ gave us a whole other look on BLACKPINK. This song is still very different from all of their past comebacks. It made us wonder if there’s anything they can’t do. It gave way for a concept that we’ve never seen on the girls before. While the song is very fun and sassy, it still remains sexy and very BLACKPINK-like. It’s so nice to see them try on new concepts and totally kill it alongside Selena.

Not only is the song is amazing, but the collaboration in itself seems like a match made in heaven. Selena’s voice fits perfectly with the song and mixes so smoothly with the different vocalists in BLACKPINK. Throughout the verses, the different vocalists go back and forth, creating a wonderful dynamic. While their voices are very different – Selena’s sweet voice, Jennie’s strong vocals, Rosé’s unique tone, and Jisoo’s angelic voice – they also suited the song and each other perfectly. Every member has a moment to shine, and they all slayed it. However, one definite highlight was Lisa’s killer rap, especially in the bridge. The lyrics are mostly in English, but her rap included Korean words as well; she brought an amazing and refreshing twist to the song.

There’s still so much more to look forward to when it comes to both of these acts. When it comes to Selena, she will be returning to television as a star and executive producer in the series Only Murders In The Building for Hulu. And of course, BLACKPINK is coming out with their highly anticipated first full-length studio album on October 2nd via YG Entertainment and Interscope Records. The album will include both ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘How You Like That,’ and it’s looking very promising and full of surprises. BLACKPINK really surprised us with ‘Ice Cream.’

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Featured image source: YG Entertainment

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