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Bon Jovi Takes to The Streets: ‘Do What You Can’

Bon Jovi Takes to The Streets: ‘Do What You Can’

Bon Jovi is coming at us with a new music video, and we are here for it. Formed in 1983, Bon Jovi was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Songwriters Hall of Fame. This means that we are in for a well thought out, well written, and well inspired hit! As the title suggests, ‘Do What You Can’ is about doing what you can. Set in the streets of New York, the city that never sleeps, we get a taste of the reasoning and passion behind the statement and title ‘Do What You Can.’

‘Do What You Can’ Bon Jovi

The song is a meaty 4 minutes and 58 seconds, and we’re pretty sure this is the best music video for COVID we’ve seen. The images and news voice-overs used perfectly encapsulate the feeling of this pandemic– not to mention the lyrics are spot on. From empty streets and buildings to car graduations, mask-wearing, and food curbside– the way we excessively sanitize and essential workers are out working hard to make a living and pay their bills. This is sure to be a song they play in schools one day to show kids what this 2020 pandemic was and how we responded.

New Album

2020 is the next album for Bon Jovi; this marks the band’s 15th studio album. Set to release on October 2nd, there has been a scramble for merch. With presale on August 21st, we wonder who has gotten their hands on some of that merch. You can still preorder or presave the album, though! With an original release of May 2020, those plans were thrown out the window with the pandemic. But have no fear; 2020 will still be hitting shelves in 2020. With the extra time came the addition of two songs: ‘Do What You Can’ and ‘American Reckoning,’ which sound perfect for an album titled 2020.

The standard edition will have a total of 10 songs, while the Japanese Bonus will hold an extra two songs along with another two on the Japanese Limited Edition DVD version.

Enjoy that music video? Psyched for the new album? What’s the first Bon Jovi song you ever heard? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image Coutesy of Island Records/IGM Recording ‘Do What You Can’ Bon Jovi Official YouTube Video

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