Halsey Takes Us Back To The Badlands For 5 Years

Halsey Takes Us Back To The Badlands For 5 Years

Halsey takes us back to the Badlands for the 5 year anniversary of the album.

In 2015, Badlands debuted at no.2 on the Billboard Top 200 charts, and 10 of 16 tracks on the album achieved gold status in the US. It also has 8 songs that are certified platinum, which include 2x platinum songs ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Colors.’

Halsey started teasing us all over a week ago, dropping hits that only fans would understand. If you remember, we explained those hits in this article!

On Tuesday Halsey finally dropped the big news for the 5 year anniversary of the Badlands, she would be releasing her first ever live album, titled Badlands (Live From Webster Hall).


You can stream and save the live album here. Or if you want you can take a listen to the full live album below!

The Badlands (Live From Webster Hall) contains two volumes, and the full tracklisting is below.

Badlands (Live From Webster Hall) album cover
photo courtesy: Halsey Instagram


  1. Castle (Live from Webster Hall) – Explicit
  2. Hold Me Down ((Live from Webster Hall)
  3. New Americana (Live from Webster Hall) – Explicit
  4. Drive (Live from Webster Hall)
  5. Hurricane (Live from Webster Hall)
  6. Roman Holiday (Live from Webster Hall)
  7. Colors pt. II (Live from Webster Hall)
  8. Colors (Live from Webster Hall)
  9. Tiny Little Babies – Talking Break – Explicit
  10. Strange Love (Live from Webster Hall) – Explicit
  11. Forget Her and Find Her – Talking Break – Explicit
  12. Coming Down (Live from Webster Hall)
  13. Haunting (Live from Webster Hall) – Explicit
  14. Control (Live from Webster Hall)
  15. Young God (Live from Webster Hall) – Explicit
  16. Trouble (Stripped) (Live from Webster Hall)
  17. I’m Not Playing Closer – Talking Break – Explicit
  18. Ghost (Live from Webster Hall)
  19. Gasoline (Live from Webster Hall) – Explicit
  20. Some Kind of Stardust – Talking Break – Explicit
  21. Is There Somewhere (Live from Webster Hall)


  1. Castle
  2. Hold Me Down
  3. New Americana
  4. Drive
  5. Hurricane
  6. Roman Holiday
  7. Ghost
  8. Colors
  9. Colors pt. II
  10. Strange Love – Explicit
  11. Coming Down
  12. Haunting
  13. Gasoline – Explicit
  14. Control
  15. Young God – Explicit
  16. I Walk the Line

We, at The Honey Pop, love Halsey, and we have to say that this live album is the perfect way to celebrate 5 years of Badlands. It is also another amazing album to add to our playlists during this pandemic we are still living through.

We want to hear all your thoughts and opinions! Were you at the Webster Hall show? Are you enjoying the live album? What are your favorite songs? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!


Featured Image Source: Aidan Cullen

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