Knuckle Puck Has Us Shook, Trippin’ Over New Single ‘Earthquake’

Knuckle Puck Has Us Shook, Trippin’ Over New Single ‘Earthquake’

Knuckle Puck, top contenders in the new era pop-punk genre have delivered us exactly what we need in times like these. Fully feel-good tunes. With the upcoming release of their album 20/20 (it’s so close we can taste it) via Rise Records, these singles have gotten our attention and kept it. 

Vocalist Joe Taylor, guitarist/vocalist Nick Casasanto, guitarist Kevin Maida, drummer John Siorek, and bassist Ryan Rumchaks have shared a new single and video ‘Earthquake.’ While it might not be your typical Knuckle Puck, straying a bit from their usual sound, it’s still a phenomenal release. Why? Lyrical brilliant (naturally), vocals on point, the whole damn thing is a vibe. Check that shit out, quickly.

Knuckle Puck – ‘Earthquake’

Encapsulating everything you could want from a seriously sensational summer anthem, single ‘Earthquake’ delivers absolute blissfulness. The band notes that 20/20 was initially supposed to make it’s appearance this summer. While sad we have to wait, the feelings from this song and video itself accentuate that exact energy: summer nights, friends, and happiness.  

Guitarist/Vocalist Casasanto explains, “We went into this album wanting to make people feel good about who they are and not upset about who they aren’t. There’s so much to be angry about right now, and rather than contribute to it. We wanted to give people a reason to feel good. I want people to want to listen to this record.” For us, this song hits the mark. Making us feel good, we’re enjoying the lighthearted, exultant nature that Knuckle Puck supplies.

The band is coming together next month, presenting their album release show. Thanks to Audiotree, the show is taking place on the day of the release at Chicago’s very own Lincoln Hall. All of which you can read about here.

How is this single making you feel? Summer playlist material? We think so. Let us know if this slap is curing your summer blues! Comment down below, or sharing your thoughts over @thehoneypop on Twitter.

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Featured Image Source: Knuckle Puck on Facebook

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