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Little Mix Have Us Craving a Vacation With The New ‘Holiday’ Music Video!

Little Mix Have Us Craving a Vacation With The New ‘Holiday’ Music Video!

The quartet has done it again! Little Mix has released yet another creative and super hot music video; this time, it’s for their summer banger ‘Holiday.’ The Mixers have seen the girls conquer and slay every video they’ve put out, but boy do these girls work it and look stunning in ‘Holiday.’ We at THP are totally living for the new music video, and with that, we wanted to share our favorite, iconic moments where the girls left us shook. 

Image Source: Callum Mills

It’s no surprise that the girls would wow us with their confidence like they do in every music video. In ‘Holiday,’ the girls left us shook, as they looked fierce strutting around and dancing in their chic swimwear and sexy mermaid outfits!

Image Source: Little Mix via YouTube

Not only is it a pop summer anthem dream, with oh so smooth bass lines, and electric beats that make you want to move, but it makes you wanna put on your favorite swimsuit and go for a dip in the pool!  

Image Source: Little Mix via Youtube

From underwater mermaid queens, to iconic outfits and headpieces like Perrie’s beaded headdress and Leigh-Anne’s long braided pony covered in gold, we are blown away by the creativity of their outfits and visuals! Can we all agree the bubbles bouncing around the video are beyond cute and has nautical summer feels written all over it?!

Little Mix Official Music Video ‘Holiday’

What was your favorite moment from the music video? Are you obsessed just as much as we are? Let us know your thoughts on this super hot summer bop in the comments below or tweet us a shout on @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: Callum Mills

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