We Believe Ashe Saved 2020 With Her Music Video For ‘Save Myself’

We Believe Ashe Saved 2020 With Her Music Video For ‘Save Myself’

The song ‘Save Myself’ by Ashe is a song that makes us want a music video to see what it would be in visual form. Good news for us, we got a music video for the song! It’s everything we hoped for and more. We go through all the emotions with this introspective track, and the video portrayed everything true to the song.

The video showcases Ashe getting lost in thought and emotion. Whether it’s wandering barefoot in the rain, or just questioning the past while on a drive, it suits the song well. It’s exactly what we wanted to see, but better. There are lots of black and white shots in the video that make it feel a bit old fashioned, and that also adds to the introspective vibe. It’s a video of looking back and realizing that you wish you would’ve done it differently, which is exactly what the song is, too.

Ashe knew what she wanted for the video. She went and got it then made it feel like a movie. (If we watched the video premiere, can we say we went to the movie premiere??)

Before we started reaching out to directors, I made a deck of black and white film shots as well as 35mm color shots that I loved and were inspired by. I wanted the video to feel modern but lean into an older Hollywood. Once Matt Cohen sent his treatment through for the video using both black and white and color shots dispersed throughout, along with pitching to shoot on 35mm, I knew we were going to make something really beautiful together. The energy on set was like magic; we had a covid specialist there that helped make everyone feel really safe and yeah, it was a movie… we made a movie.”


They did make a movie, and now, we kinda want to see it on the big screen. Oh well, our phone and computer screens on YouTube is good enough!

What do you think of the ‘Save Myself’ music video? Let us know by commenting below, or by hitting us up on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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Featured image source: Kanya Iwana

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