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We Got Liam Payne On Our Mind: Our Top 5 Picks

We Got Liam Payne On Our Mind: Our Top 5 Picks

It’s been a decade of Liam Payne! Just because his solo career launched after joining forces with the four other lads, look mom, he still made it! It’s a big yes from us. Good things come to those who wait and we eventually got LP1 in 2019 after being excited with his 2018 EP First Time.

During the tough trials that 2020 has handed us, Liam has been keeping us entertained throughout it all, choosing to stay connected with fans through social media and even starting up a YouTube channel. He’s such a huge care bear!

In order to celebrate a decade’s worth of him, we bring you our top five picks!

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‘Stack It Up’

Has your replay button broken yet? Ours definitely has! This song is on a repeat for us! What a bop! It didn’t take old and new fans alike to recognize Liam’s swagger, with the music video reaching over 17 million views to date on YouTube! DJ Payno himself, even thanked us for all the support. The instrumentals of this track are drippy, topped by lyrics reminding us to work hard and to chase after our own dreams; it clearly echoes his ambitions. See, he’s still changing our lives, just like in those 1D days!

‘Bedroom Floor’

 Although ‘Bedroom Floor’ is lyrically simple yet undeniably catchy, it proves that Liam’s secret weapon is his impressive vocal range. We’re swooning over that falsetto. Remember that live performance on Ellen a few years back? Yeah, he still got it.  

‘Strip That Down’

We were buzzing with excitement since ‘Strip That Down’ gave us a first look into his new sound after One Direction, and we were obsessed. This track actually landed him on the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 100 back in 2017 (we’re so proud of him)! The masterful mix even got us an acoustic version, which we love equally as much!

‘For You’

We didn’t think we were looking for a song like ‘For You’ until we heard it! The collaboration between Liam and Rita Ora is to die for. Their voices complement each other perfectly. Though Rita may have a few more lyrics to sing than Liam, she does not steal the show. When he does have a turn, he brings those smooth, flawless vocals, we fell in love with back on the X Factor stage. Besides, that music got us fantasizing running through that garden with him.

‘Get Low’

Among all the dance beats in LP1, we could groove to this hit until the sun rises. Its upbeat tempo is fun and lighthearted, just like his lovable personality. With Liam, we don’t need much– just something that’s sing-able and keeps the serotonin levels on high, and that’s exactly what we get with ‘Get Low.’

After all, music is happiness. No fan will argue with you on that. Thanks for always making us happy, Liam!

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What’s your favorite Liam Payne song? What do you want for his next album? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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