Elder Brother: We’re Not Getting Tired Of Them

Elder Brother: We’re Not Getting Tired Of Them
Elder Brother Vinyl

Beginning as a creatively cool collaboration, Elder Brother has stolen the hearts of many with their Indie-Alt-Rock tunes. Pair Dan Rose and Kevin Geyer (The Story So Far) got their start Releasing their debut album Heavy Head in 2014. They went on, progressing, crafting, and releasing an EP, including an original and covers of songs from Get Up Kids, Ryan Adams, and Pink Floyd titled Wish You Were Here. The latest release from the duo Stay Inside was in 2018 via Pure Noise Records, but we’re eager to announce we’ve got a new full length on the way. 

Their previous releases expanded on polished production, songwriting, and musicianship while following a central theme of drug addiction, which holds a personal meaning with the band. The new album from Elder Brother titled I Won’t Fade On You will hit shelves on October 2nd via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order, here. This 11-track EP will be full of smooth, alternative rock. To give you a taste of what you’re in for, the band has released single ‘I Get So Tired Of You.’ With an incredibly sweet bass line, this riveting, vintage feeling song has a video to match.

Elder Brother – ‘I Get So Tired of You’

While the song is new to us, the band says this one has been floating around for quite some time. Nervously pursuing such prominent keyboard elements, the reservations of Elder Brother can now be quickly erased. Why? Well, because this song is a kick. While the duo had prior knowledge of key-driven tunes, they found their motivation kick into high gear when adding Evan Garcia–Renart to their lineup, a classically trained pianist and drummer. To hit home, the band and everything amazing are additional member Morgan Foster. Now the duo turned quartet is ready to own the Indie-Alt genre with everything they have. 

And us? We’re equally as ready. What’s your favorite Elder Brother Production thus far? Do you have high hopes for the full-length? Please leave us your thoughts down below or over @thehoneypop on Twitter!


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