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Nothing ‘Funny’ About Give Me A Reason’s New Banger

Nothing ‘Funny’ About Give Me A Reason’s New Banger

Give Me A Reason continues to wow us. With their second single, ‘Funny’ from the upcoming EP Vice Versa their fantastic new pop-punk sound is on point. They fit right into the new pop-punk scene, and they remind us of some of the top bands like Stand Atlantic and Neck Deep. If you are a fan of either of them, be sure to stan Give Me A Reason!

‘Funny’ is just an amazing song. As soon as we heard it, legit, we played it for 30 minutes straight. It is the banger you need, it’s a screw you type of song, angsty pop-punk gold at it’s finest.

The music video was shot at the same site as the ‘Sad’ music video, the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum. Now, we find out that both videos were shot in one grueling 17-hour session. The band never looks tired at all and is always full of energy in both videos. That just shows how much they love what they do!

The ‘Funny’ video is another one that just makes you wanna jump up and the party. The classic pink color aesthetic is there, with pink dollar bills falling from the ceiling, give the guys some credit. Too amazing! Plus, Mattia screaming in the phone booth is an awesome scene. Sure, it’s simple, but it just adds that emotion.

Another part of the music we think is awesome is the solo shots of Max, Darren, and Giuly. We always love band members having some fun in their music video!

“Funny how it worked out I took the fall, guess I’ll catch you on the way down”, Mattia is singing about falling away from the person after the break-up, but he goes even further and elaborates on it.

“If you’re my home, I’m burning down my own house!”

It’s about a relationship with someone who doesn’t treat you like you deserve,

Vocalist, Mattia Di Paolo on ‘Funny”

“If you’re my home, I’m burning down my own house” is great, and we can agree, as he said, it is obvious why. Feeling like you’re better off without the person no matter what, even if it means losing everything to break away from them, is a tough experience. Whenever all you can think of is a person to the point it drives you crazy, you would do just about anything to lose the feeling.

‘Funny’ is a great playlist add for your ‘better off without you’ playlist. We know it certainly made ours!

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Give Me A Reason will have a brand new EP Vice Versa dropping on October 23rd. While you are looking forward to that, make sure you listen to ‘Funny’ here.

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Featured Image Source: Mark Signer for Stardust Media

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