Sheppard Takes Us To ‘Catalina’

Sheppard Takes Us To ‘Catalina’

When an artist tries something different, it could go good or bad, in this case, it’s great! Sheppard is here with a whole new sound for their brand new song ‘Catalina,’ and we can’t quite get enough of it.

It’s got us asking, who are you and what have you done with Sheppard?? But, in the best way possible, of course.

‘Catalina’ has been three years in the making, and is now dropping as part of their one release every month this year! We’re so grateful they gave us this song because it’s got everything we want. Heavy basslines and a California vibe, as well as a song with leading vocals from Amy Sheppard, which makes us love it even more as we get to hear her shine.

If you knew them for ‘Geronimo,’ be prepared for their new sound, trust us, it’s something worth listening to.

Listen to ‘Catalina’ here!

They’ve accompanied ‘Catalina’ with a music video, filled with fun and car drives. The song mentions “driving to the sun,” “your hands, can’t keep em on the wheel,” and “we can get away,” so the car theme doesn’t surprise us at all.

We were so inspired by California when we were there, that a song about California basically wrote itself. It depicts a racy story of two lovers, sunglasses on and roof down, driving through the Californian desert with the sun in their faces and their real lives in the rear view mirror. This track isn’t your typical Sheppard sound, but I can’t remember the last time we had this much fun recording a single.

Amy Sheppard

It’s a song that makes us miss live music even more – because we can just imagine a whole stadium rocking out to this. Imagine this live!

Have you listened to ‘Catalina’ by Sheppard? What do you think of Sheppard’s new sound? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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Featured image source: Cover Art For ‘Catalina’

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