It’s ‘Over Now’ After This Calvin Harris x The Weeknd Collab

It’s ‘Over Now’ After This Calvin Harris x The Weeknd Collab

When it comes to some things, you just have no idea how much you wanted it until you already get it? This is definitely the case for this Calvin Harris x The Weeknd collab.

This Friday, the two artists released their song ‘Over Now,’ which was also accompanied with a music video. The video was directed by Calvin Harris’ long time creative collaborator, Emil Nava.

This innovative video blurs the lines of technology and reality; It features the space and time-transcending experience through a CGI Portal that goes into The Weeknd’s mind. We are loving this video, everything from the storyline to all the colors. You cannot help but want to watch it again and again, seeing different little things with each watch.

Over Now single cover.
image courtesy: Samantha Brensilber (Lede Company Team)

We are loving this new song! We love that it doesn’t sound like every other song that is currently on the radio; It is something different and it is exactly what we need. This might be only the first Calvin Harris x The Weeknd Collab, but we really hope that this won’t be the last time!

‘Over Now’ is currently available on everyone’s favorite streaming sites. You can save the songs to your favorite playlist by clicking here.

We here at The Honey Pop want to hear what you are thinking about this collab! How do you like ‘Over Now’? Would you like to see Calvin Harris and The Weeknd collaborate again? Comment down below, or tweet us your thoughts @TheHoneyPop!



Featured image source: Samantha Brensilber (Lede Company Team)

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