4 Reasons Why ARMYS Love Jungkook

What is there to love about Jungkook? Here at The Honey POP, we would like to give the low down on why we love the ‘Golden Maknae’ of BTS.


Starting with his passion for music, Jungkook joined BigHit Entertainment at the very young age of 13.; He was that passionate about his dreams that he traveled from Busan to Seoul by himself to audition. This is the same determination/passion he has while performing, even when he is unwell! For example, when Jungkook injured himself while stretching, he still performed both days of the Love Yourself World Tour at the O2 in London. Jungkook has had this drive from day one, and he hasn’t slowed down since!

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As we’ve seen, Jungkook will put others before his pain no matter what. He has such a love for the other members; when his older brothers cry, he cries with them too. If they are in pain, he is also.

Jungkook’s love for his fellow BTS members is the cutest thing, and so is his love for ARMY! His love is so strong that he even got a tattoo dedicated to ARMY!

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Jungkook is very well known for this crystal clear vocals. But, let’s not forget the beautiful covers and composed songs he released for us on Soundcloud, especially the two he has posted this year! ‘Still With You‘ came out during the BTS’ 7th-anniversary celebration, known as FESTA, and was composed by Jungkook for ARMY! Jungkook added “Thank You ARMY 2020” in the website link, and in the ‘10000 Hours‘ cover, he also included “10000hours with ARMY” within the SoundCloud.

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We can never forget the little vlogs he records and edits for ARMY when he goes worldwide called Golden Closet Films. It is no question why ARMY loves watching them and getting a behind the scenes look at the everyday lives of BTS through Jungkook’s eyes. If you haven’t watched them before, check out Jungkook’s G.C.F.’s on BANGTANTV!

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