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7 Songs By Yungblud That Your Playlist Needs!

7 Songs By Yungblud That Your Playlist Needs!


Every so often, you get an artist that comes along and blows your mind. With their style, performance, musicality, and lyricism, Yungblud is one of those musicians. 

His presence once those vocals hit your eardrums is impossible to ignore, he makes you stop and pay attention. He’s someone who is arguably a voice of a generation when you look a little deeper, and it’s easy to hear and see why.

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So, if you’re looking for some new music to add to your playlist, Yungblud with his genre-hopping versatility is here to save the day! Here ere are some of our hot picks for you to add, we hope you enjoy and vibe to these tracks as much as we do!

‘King Charles’

One of Yungblud’s older tracks, this song is as relatable as it was when it dropped three years ago …

Don’t mind us, divide us, but when we need guidance, you give us the silence
It’s spineless and blindless, we will buy back, not sit here smiling
While they used to attack the student loans and the first time homes
It’s time to know
They act the moment, they neglecting the young
It’s really scary being under 21

‘King Charles’ Yungblud


In the 70’s they had ‘Anarchy In The UK’ with the punk music revolution and music visionaries the Sex Pistols. This generation has Dom, and with the catchy chorus that snaps you in its relatable verse that are worth listening back to, may there is a message there for you that will resonate?

‘Cause they took my favourite old game set
And then they pawned my toys for a Percocet
And then they tied up a toaster to my head
And then they chucked me off a cliff but I’m still not dead

‘Anarchist’ Yungblud

‘Polygraph Eyes’

This song has a really important message about consent. And it’s one of those songs that everyone should hear and listen to the message. This playlist would not be complete without ‘Polygraph Eyes’ because the message is SO important. The lyrics are chilling and emotional and haunting and a stark reminder that no means no!

Leave it alone mate
She doesn’t want to go home with ya, home with ya

She can’t even run
She can’t even walk
She slurs when she speaks
But you hear what you want when she can’t even talk

‘Polygraph Eyes’ Yungblud


2020 has been a difficult and -dare we say ‘Weird’- year for everyone, and with this song, Dom encompasses a lot of the emotions and deep thoughts some of us have had, and still have. While we’re still trying to seek our new normal, this catchy bop provides relatable feels while reminding us we’re all in this together.

Come hold my hand
Hold it tight
We’re in a weird time of life
Don’t wreck your brain
It’ll be alright
We’re in a weird time of life

‘Weird’ Yungblud

‘Orignal Me’ ft. Dan Reynolds

Having a bad day? If so, this is the track you turn up full blast, and rage along to and get it all off your chest. Lyrically awesome, melodically it’s catchy as hell and is just an anthem for those of us that enjoy singing along and letting any pent up negativity roll off of you. A truly cathartic modern-day classic, from two amazing musicians of our time!

Anagram all of the letters
Tellin’ me that I’m gonna be fine
Cleaning the world is out of my mind
Piece ’em together and dump on the sides
I’ma be alone tonight
If I try to stay alive
And realize I’m going blind

‘Original Me’ Yungblud ft. Dan Reynolds


This is one of those tracks that feels like it would have fitted perfectly within the 90’s BRIT POP era but finds its home in music today as well. No one wants to be a loner, and with this track, we’re comforted by the fact that everyone has that feeling. This track is contagious and energetic and sucks you in. If you were not a Yungblud stan before, well, you will be after this!

See Also

All my friends’ll desert again
And I don’t wanna be a loner
In my head, I can sleep when I’m dead
Baby, don’t let the hype dilute ya

‘Loner’ Yungblud

‘Lemonade’ with Denzel Curry

This latest drop from Dom is insanely good. It encompasses all we adore about Yungblud with a slick and delicious feature from Denzel Curry. ‘Lemonade’ takes you on one heck of a ride and has you wanting to headbang and dance all at once. Check it out, like yesterday!

They just squeeze my brain, gettin’ off on pain
Drippin’ down your face like I’m lemonade
Head meltin’ for days, gettin’ off on pain
Drippin’ down your face like I’m lemonade

‘Lemonade’ Yungblud with Denzel Curry

Do you agree with our selection? Did we miss one you think is essential? Let us know by commenting down below, or giving us a shout on Twitter on @TheHoneyPOP

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